When I look back on my career path, it feels like email has always been the answer…literally.

What do I do for a living? Email, duh.

What is the best way to get in touch with me? Email, duh.

What does the company I founded do? Email, duh.

I realized that after 21 years of working in email I wanted to turn the questions away from “what” I do to “why” and “how” I and tons of other folks continue to work in the world of email. With the “why” in mind, I am very excited to announce the launch of our new video series aptly titled: “Email, duh”.

In this series, I sit down with influencers in the email industry and pick their brains about why they’ve chosen a career path in email and where they see the world of email heading. In this series, we feature veterans of the industry who shed light on the history of email as well as newer voices with fresh perspectives on the future of email. I’m really enjoying these chats, and hope you enjoy them as well.

We kicked off the series with my interview of Tim Draegen, CEO of dmarcian, a company whose goal is to make DMARC authentication accessible to all. In our chat, we focus not only on the past, present and future of DMARC authentication but also the “why”. While many of us email geeks know the importance of email authentication, Tim offers insight into his experience in fixing email and making it safer to use for dmarcian’s customers and why he finds it so rewarding.

As I’ve begun interviewing more and more titans of the email landscape I’ve gained insight into others’ experiences in the space. In such an exciting and multifaceted industry it is so exciting to learn about the different challenges others face within their specific domain. I am so excited to present to you the very first episode and hope you’ll join me through better understanding the “why” behind what they do.

Check out “The One with Tim Draegen, CEO of dmarcian” here…duh.

~ George