We know the world of messaging is moving fast, and getting to know and apply the industry’s most complete set of digital messaging solutions can make gaining an edge even faster.

Today, the Message Systems Training Division is proud to announce a new training offering to customers and subscribers: Message Systems University Open Training Sessions.

Twice a month, Message Systems Training Division personnel and guest attendees from Engineering, Product Marketing, and/or Support will provide a two-hour Open Training Session for all of our active Message Systems University (MSU) subscribers. These Open Training Sessions will provide 1-hour of training on a specific topic followed by 1-hour of Question & Answer time on that topic with our guest attendees. MSU subscribers in attendance can either ask questions themselves, or listen in on questions being asked by other MSU subscribers.

Tell me more about MSU subscriptions

A Message Systems University subscription offers you a front seat learning experience for all you need to know in the world of message management solutions—in a remote online classroom driven by both industry peers and Message System’s top talent in marketing, engineering and support. The MSU subscription service allows up to 10 customers from the same company to have access to the following training resources for 1 year.

Self-based Online Training: Gain immediate access to a web-based Learning Management System (LMS) that contains videos and other training related resources of our most popular training courses. Determine and set the pace at which you best learn.

Instructor-led Remote Training Sessions: Enjoy personalized 3-hour instructor-led online training sessions conducted over a period of multiple days and weeks. You will be provided with a number of these remote training sessions based on the length of the MSU subscription that you have purchased. Additional remote training sessions can be purchased as add-ons to your MSU subscription. This training offering requires coordination with the training team to ensure availability and timeliness of when the training can be provided.

Open Training: Participate in two online open training sessions  featuring particular topics of interest to MSU subscribed customers monthly.  The sessions will run two hours in length and will include formal instruction for the first hour from one of our instructors. An expert from Engineering, Product Marketing, and/or Support will join in to take questions for the second hour. Customers must sign up in advance to attend these individual sessions.

Sounds awesome. Where do I sign up?

If you’d like to become a MSU subscriber, drop us an email at training@messagesystems.com to indicate your interest.

The first Open Training session will take place on May 7th, 2014 from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM EST on the topic of Adaptive Delivery®. This Open Training session will be open to all Message Systems customers. All Message Systems customers can sign-up for the May 7th Open Training session here.

The next Open Training session will take place on May 21st, 2014 from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM EST on the topic of Policy Scripting with Lua. This Open Training session will only be accessible to MSU Subscribers. Active Message Systems University subscribers can sign-up for the May 21st Open Training session here.

We’re excited to welcome you into the world of MSU and look forward to seeing you at our training sessions in May!

Take a sneak peek at what we will be talking about in May with the Adaptive Delivery white paper by email expert, Len Schneyder.

Adaptive Delivery Whitepaper