For two days only, you can get The IT Marketing Crash Course: How to Get Clients for Your Technology Business book for free.

The IT Marketing Crash Course: How To Get Clients For Your Technology Business, is a must-have guide for all fledgling tech companies that are struggling to make their mark in this highly competitive and saturated market.

As part of the official launch, the book is free for download on Kindle today and tomorrow, 3/18/13 and 3/19/13.

Written by co-founder and CEO of MailerMailer, Raj Khera, the book provides aspiring IT marketers and small IT businesses with a simple structured approach to market their products and services. The intended result?

The generation of dozens of qualified leads every month.

MailerMailer, is an email marketing software company, and client of Message Systems, that serves thousands of customers worldwide by helping them generate warm leads and win new business.

Whether or not you are in IT consulting, managed services, web and mobile application development, software development, cybersecurity or network services – as long as you are looking to grow your businesses, Raj Khera’s book promises to be a powerful tool to propel your business to success. Here are the list of the chapters in the book:

Part 1: On Your Mark

  • Getting Very Clear on What You Sell
  • The Most Overlooked First Step in Marketing: Your Buyer Persona
  • Honing Your Marketing Message
  • Pricing Strategies That Make it Easier for Clients to Buy

Part 2: Get Set

  • The #1 Way to Work Your Referral Network
  • Questions That Uncover Hidden Sales Opportunities

Part 3: Go

  • What to Put On Your Website to Hook New Clients
  • Blogs: A Key to Social Media Success
  • Social Media: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and More
  • Email Newsletters: The Ultimate Keep-in-Touch Tool
  • Seminars and Webinars: Knowledge Leader Positioning
  • What Should Your Marketing Budget Be?
  • Your IT Marketing Checklist

But why waste time reading the chapter list when you can get the book for free? And if the lack of a Kindle is the only thing stopping you from a great read,  download the free Kindle app for PC/Mac/iPad/Android. If you’d like to thank Raj Khera for his kindness, and find the book useful, do leave a positive review on Amazon.

Enjoy the read! (I certainly am)

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