We’re officially one week out from the Labor Day Holiday, the bittersweet end to the long summer months. While critics might say it’s far too late to start planning a holiday email campaign, the forever optimists over here at SparkPost beg to differ. Today’s blog is a short and sweet list of ideas to help you pull off an effective labor day email marketing campaign with time to spare.

Use an Attractive Template

Whether you have an in-house design team or an outside agency, great email design makes a HUGE difference in how your brand is perceived by subscribers.  For many customers, emails are the initial impression your brand or business makes, so take full advantage and make sure your templates are up to par. If you design your own or dabble in coding them yourself, check out these tips to designing your own retail templates.

Think Time-Sensitive

Use the Labor Day holiday to host a limited time offer. Keep your offer brief and simple, and make your subscribers feel that this particular offer is special, unique and relevant to the holiday. An offer with a time limit that recipients can only take advantage of during the holiday creates a sense of urgency and compels recipients to act quickly.

Make it Social

Take advantage of your database’s reach by including a social share button in your emails. You can either provide a click to tweet link where subscribers share a purchase they made, information about an upcoming event, or other snippets of info about your company. You’d be surprised how willing people are to click share — especially if there’s a tiny incentive in it for them! The potential amplification effect this could have on your brand extends to all of your subscribers’ social networks and their friends’ social networks, etc — it’s truly a ripple effect.

Work on Those Subject Lines!

Think outside the (in)box. Take your time to be creative with your subject line. Writing a great subject line is truly an art, and one that only gets better with practice. Bounce a few ideas off of colleagues before you settle on one — better yet, A/B test a few and see what works best. The subject line acts as the first impression to your subscribers, so you want to make it catchy yet to the point.

Data, Data, Data

Sure, data isn’t the most glamorous thing to talk about. But guess what? It’s an email marketing workhorse. Adding just a few customer data points can make the difference in a “click” or “delete” which directly impacts your bottom line. Consider using purchase data, geographic location or segmented lists to further personalize your emails and drive engagement.


If you don’t have time to execute an email campaign for Labor Day this year, you can always send a simple note for a safe and happy holiday – it’s a way to mark the day and stay top of mind to your subscribers.

Have you seen any great Labor Day email campaigns this year? Share them with us by commenting below or on Twitter, we’d love to see them.

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

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