August in New York City: this usually elicits a groan or two from either local residents or seasoned travelers alike, for this time of year it’s usually sweltering in the city.  2013 proved to be different though.  At least last week, for LeadsCon East, the weather cooperated with the summer showers of Tuesday giving way to perfect sunny, not-too-hot weather for Wednesday and Thursday.  So you could be forgiven if you missed a few sessions at the conference.  If you attended though, you would have experienced sessions with enthusiastic and passionate marketers eager to learn the next best thing in the world of leads.

Common themes at the sessions and on the floor of the exhibit hall were: volume, quality, and compliance.  Volumes are always welcome when talking leads, but companies now also need quality leads in order to compete. And the FTC seeking better consumer protection is forcing a huge clean up in many parts of the industry.  What was missing though was a conversation on what you did with these leads once you’ve acquired them.  So what’s the next best thing in the world of leads? How do you convert these leads into the revenue that drives your business?

We talked to a few attendees who came by the Message Systems booth and who didn’t expect a software vendor to be there, while others came by asking immediately “Do you sell leads, or are you a platform?”  It seems like those were the two categories of vendors exhibiting at the show.

Barry Abel at LeadsCon

But once we got the conversation going about who we are and what we do, you could see the “aha” moment in their eyes.  Of course we need to communicate with and engage these leads before we can convert them – and of course in this day and age, we need to engage with them digitally!

All in all, it was a good show.  The energy was positive: people were talking about the economy picking up, and unlike in previous shows, nowhere now could you hear the dreaded R word. And quite a few marketers got excited about the next best thing: getting to engage and convert their leads through effective two-way conversations across email, SMS/MMS, mobile push, and other digital channels.

Jose Santa Ana at LeadsCon

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