A Day In The Life Of An Email

Many companies, regardless of industry, use email as a unique identifier for their apps and services. They use those emails to not only identify you as a customer, but to also send you email updates about their product, welcome emails, password resets, newsletters, promotions, etc. In fact, the average worker receives 300-400 emails per week according to a recent study from Carleton University and an infographic from Atlassian. That’s a lot of email.

Would it surprise you to know that you probably interact with SparkPost in some way every day, at home or at work?

Our customers actually provide you with the latest updates in your social networks (Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn), send you coupons and/or alert you to Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals (Tobi, Groupon, Massdrop), and help you make important decisions about your life (Zillow, Zenefits, Paypal, Booking.com). When you look at your inbox, nearly one third is sent on our platform through our customers (3 trillion emails a year and growing).

Take a walk with me through a typical inbox and I’ll show you what I mean.

  • In the morning, Twitter alerts you of what’s trending in the news so you can prepare your day.
  • During the morning commute, Massdrop notifies you to those headphones you’ve been eyeing up just dropped in price. Sweet!
  • Once you arrive at the office, you might receive an email from Zenefits letting you know that open enrollment will start next week.
  • Lunchtime! You head out to try that new Italian deli, Fabrizio’s, thanks to your Groupon daily deal.
  • Later that evening Survey Monkey emails you a questionnaire asking for feedback about your new spin class instructor.
  • On your way home, PayPal emails you a receipt for the online order of flowers to be delivered on your mother’s birthday.
  • After dinner, you receive an email from Booking.com highlighting a trip to Amsterdam you’ve been dying to take.

Whenever you check your email, it’s likely that you are interacting with SparkPost. The who’s who of e-Commerce, retailers, technology companies, publishing companies, and more, trust SparkPost to power their communications. So rest well. We look forward to spending another day with you tomorrow, and the foreseeable future.

~ @tracysestili


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