Picture this: The opportunity to take up to 6 weeks off work (paid!) to do whatever you can dream up and have job security

It sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it? I still am pinching myself because I was lucky enough to experience this at SparkPost.

As a member of the SparkPost HR team (for almost 10 years), I’m probably a bit biased, but I think we offer exceptional benefits. Just when I didn’t think they could get better, we rolled out Long Service Leave.  The gist of it is if you’ve been an employee of the company for 7 years or longer, you can take 4 weeks of paid leave and add an additional 2 weeks of vacation time for a total of 6 weeks.

My plans weren’t exotic and I didn’t even travel far. That didn’t make it any less amazing and truly life-changing.  I had the absolute pleasure of spending time at the beach with my kids this summer. They’re at the age that they still like hanging with their mom (I know, lucky, right?).  By spending the summer with my kids,  I got to know them on a completely different level. My kids have only known “working mommy” since they were born. Through this experience, I feel like they got to know a totally different side of me. Gone were the stressful days of rushing my kids to school and sports in addition to working. Instead, we actually got to talk, laugh, sleep in, relax, check off summer must-do lists and just be together. Priceless.

I knew I would enjoy the downtime and break from a job and company I genuinely love, but it was more than I could have imagined. I am realizing quickly how fast the time is going and how soon my children will be off to college or whatever adventure awaits them.  This summer we created life-long memories that we all will cherish. I was able to reconnect with my children, husband and myself. And the best part: I had the security of knowing that I could go right back to that job I love– refreshed, energized…and grateful.

A few other SparkPosters have also enjoyed this benefit and it’s been great catching up and hearing about their adventures. We all agreed that whatever we did with the time, it was life-changing.  I have a huge amount of gratitude for a SparkPost, a forward-thinking company that provides a benefit that not only positively impacts their employees but also their families. I am also incredibly thankful to my fellow HR crew that covered for me in my absence.  Shout out to Bart, Julie, Christina, Angie, and Michelle. #SparkPostLife

If you’re looking to work for a company that offers challenging work, exceptional benefits and phenomenal co-workers, check us out!  We’re hiring!