Today marks the start of Women’s History Month (in the US), a time to celebrate and reflect on the many amazing contributions women have made to the world. In honor of this momentous month we’ve reimagined our company values as 4 different digital events for our employees to attend and enjoy! Although we can’t celebrate in person this year, we’re so excited to share the joy of this month through digital experiences that echo the value-driven nature of everything we do here at SparkPost.

Check out the internal Women’s History Month celebrations we have planned and their corresponding company values:

We Show Gratitude

The week of International Women’s Day (March 8th), we will be showing gratitude to the Women of SparkPost for their amazing work by offering them a coffee on us! More than that, we will be pairing those who would like to participate with a coffee date so they can get to know women on different teams than their own. 

We Are Transparent

On March 18th Account Manager, Christina Paiva, will moderate a panel featuring Head of Marketing, Natalia Dykyj, VP of Product, Amie Durr, VP of Martech Sales & Channel Development, Jennifer Monteverde, and VP of Customer Success, Laura Rose. During this chat these amazing leaders will share their responses about how they got to where they are today and what challenges they faced along the way with full transparency

We Feel Empowered 

On March 9th, we will host an Imposter Syndrome Workshop facilitated by Barbara Palmer, Founder of Broad Perspective Consulting for the women of SparkPost. The session will focus on empowering employees to speak up, share their points of view, and build confidence so they can contribute and share their voices.  

On March 24th, Barbara will host the same workshop for the whole entire company.  We believe that by encouraging all of our employees to attend the training we can foster an environment of understanding and allyship at SparkPost and beyond!  

We Collaborate

All month long, we invite the women of SparkPost to collaborate with one another in our #womenofsparkpost slack channel! While this channel exists year round, we hope that during the month of March the Women of SparkPost feel even more compelled to celebrate one another.

Happy Women’s History Month!

~ Michelle