With the rise of social media, Influencer Marketing has proven to be one of the most notable emerging marketing strategies. In fact, according to Digital Marketing Institute the Influencer Marketing industry is expected to hit $10bn by 2020. While Influencers no doubt play a huge role in marketing spend for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike, it’s important to keep in mind that in addition to creating sponsored content for things like hair pills and “tummy teas” influencers are also selling their personal brand— marketing oneself as a brand. 

Just as marketing leaders at traditional brands employ myriad communication channels to build awareness and drive revenue, so too do the “CMOs” behind some of the most successful personal brands out there. While many influencers tend to stick to the channels you might expect, like Instagram and Youtube, there are many who have expanded their marketing programs into their fans’ inboxes.  Whether it’s to sell merchandise or keep followers up-to-date via a newsletter, influencers big and small use email to communicate with their fanbase. Check out some of the strategies influencers use to build their lists and keep followers engaged via email:

Turning Followers into Subscribers

One of the most challenging aspects of email marketing is maintaining a list of engaged recipients. While Influencers have an audience of followers who are presumably interested in what it is that they do, those fans don’t necessarily translate to email subscribers. One way to turn a follower into a subscriber? Provide Value. 

In the example below, Casey Goode more commonly known by her Instagram handle (and personal brand), @OfficiallyQuigley, explains the benefits of signing up for her email list. Those who join Goode’s “newsletter family” can not only expect to hear about her “secrets” first but also will receive a free copy of her “Guide to Writing Instagram Captions”. For those who follow Goode, these benefits can be particularly enticing as much of her Instagram content focuses on how aspiring influencers can create engaging content. By offering her free guide in exchange for fans’ email addresses she creates symmetry wherein both she and her subscribers benefit.

Welcome Subscribers to the Club

The efficacy of Influencer Marketing is predicated on followers feeling like they have a personal relationship with the influencers they choose to follow…even though they don’t. These fabricated and yet deep connections to influencers can lead big sales (and are the reason I ONLY buy Bounty paper towels). Once a follower has converted into an email subscriber, it’s important to bring that same personal touch they apply to their youtube videos to their email sequence. 

Check out below how Emma Chamberlain, arguably one of the most prolificzoomers” out there, welcomes her newest subscribers to her club. Not only does she thank them for signing up, but also includes a signature quirky photo of her blowing a kiss. More than that, she includes three featured pieces of merchandise from her online store to seamlessly move the message from “Welcome!” to the CTA of “Shop Now”. While this welcome email is far from personalized, it does harken back to Chamberlain’s Instagram aesthetic, making the transition from the ‘gram to the inbox seamless.

The Beauty of Transactional Messages

As we saw in the previous example, it’s not uncommon for influencers to monetize their personal brand by selling merchandise. Accordingly, many beauty influencers have begun selling their own make-up, many of which garner a cult following like the Conspiracy Collection by Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star which completely sold out within hours of its release. With those kinds of sales, you can bet beauty influencers are sending a ton of transactional email

Take a look at how beauty guru, Nikita Dragun, uses transactional email to give her customer an order update without diluting her personal brand. Rather than simply saying “Your order has shipped” Dragun lets the customer know that they should “Get ready to slay” since “The secret to selfie slayage is on the way!” Dragun’s triggered email copy is written in her tone and with her vocabulary, making what could have been a downright boring email fun, engaging, and on-brand.

Goode, Chamberlain and Dragun prove that there is no shortage of applications of email in the world of influencing!

See ya on the ‘gram!

~ Erica, Social Media Manager

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