The spam folder is the black hole of email marketing

We’ve all been there. You worked tirelessly on an email campaign… Poured hours into messaging, design, testing, rendering tweaks, etc. And after all of that, results were abysmal. 😭

At first, you may not know why a campaign is underperforming. But then you spot it. Your email deliverability rate took a hit. Ugh. How can you even fix that? What was the point of all that hard work when your emails don’t make it to the inbox? It’s crushing. 

So, before you hit send on that next campaign, we want to provide a few tips from our favorite email pros at SparkPost and Litmus. Whether your email campaigns are performing like wild, or this story hit a little too close to home, we’ve got some great best practices for you to improve email deliverability.

Don’t let improving email deliverability intimidate you

In case you’re thinking improving email deliverability is the last thing you want to read about, give me a chance to convince you? I’m a self-proclaimed email geek, and the longer I work at SparkPost, the more I feel like I’ve earned that title. But I’m also heavy on the creative side of marketing. And email can be so… technical. I’ve found that many marketers feel the same way, and while we love owning the email program, improving email deliverability issues can make it feel like we’re stranded on an island without any backup. 

Get out of the spam folder

Let SparkPost and Litmus be your backup. In our Ultimate Guide to Email Deliverability, you’ll learn things like:

  • What is email deliverability (and why should you care?)
  • How to improve email deliverability, including a 12-step checklist!
  • How to monitor and measure email deliverability, and how to adjust your approach based on the data
  • What to do if your email deliverability has tanked… Because it happens to the best of us

Sending the perfect email requires careful preparation

The best approach to improve email deliverability is a proactive one. So get the guide to make sure your emails – aka a labor of love – actually make it in front of your valuable subscribers. Because there’s seriously no point to an email in the junk folder. 

~Koertni Adams
Sr. Content Marketing Manager 


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