This article contains excerpts from Momentum with Supercharger.

So you just bought new shoes online. Or signed up for a newsletter. Or texted your bank to check your account balance. And then… nothing. You were expecting a confirmation email or a quick reply text, but it didn’t arrive, or showed up after a few minutes. Or hours. That kind of delay — or latency in engineering-speak — is deadly to customer engagement. It brings the shopping experience or the brand dialog to a screeching halt, with customers left wondering what went wrong. We’ve all experienced this as consumers, and it’s annoying and irritating. But from the business perspective – as marketers and messaging industry professionals – we need to realize that latency can be disastrous to brand engagement and customer loyalty.

Eliminate Delays, Eliminate Uncertainty

Message Systems solutions are so effective for customer engagement because each one is built on the speediest, most reliable two-way messaging technology available today. We deliver unmatched speed and inbox placement — even if you’re conducting billions of customer interactions per day. Our approach to low latency is unique in that it focuses on the direct integration of all the elements involved in message delivery. Every one of the touch points that affect speed and reliability within the message origination and delivery infrastructure are optimized to ensure peak performance, even as message volumes reach carrier-grade loads and beyond. And we can support these kinds of real-time two-way interactions in email, SMS text, and other digital channels. When immediate communication is essential for successful customer interactions, Message Systems has the low-latency technology that will keep your business on track.

The Need for Speed

Over a decade ago, Momentum set the standard as the best performing (fastest delivery speeds, highest throughput) email platform on the market. When Momentum was first designed, a state-of-the-art server had one or maybe two CPUs. But things have changed. According to Moore’s law, CPU power doubles roughly every two years, and so Momentum has now been re-architected to allow customers to fully utilize the resources of today’s multi-core server hardware – with the ability to run multiple event loops per CPU. Unlike most commercially available MTAs that operate on a single master event loop, Momentum now has the ability to leverage virtually all available I/O, CPU, and memory resources on modern systems that offer multiple cores and extremely fast I/Os.

Momentum with Supercharger creates multiple event loops that horizontally distribute all laborious tasks. Mail queuing, message reception, message delivery, and Adaptive Delivery® processes are all able to be spread across a completely configurable set of event loops. In fact, multiple event loops may now also be defined to isolate specific tasks.

The net result with Supercharger is that we’ve seen significant performance boosts on all systems that had available system resources (disk, I/O and CPU). The amount of boost depends on the available resources on the server in question. A 4x gain is a good baseline; or it could be significantly more for a system with plenty of available CPU and incredibly fast disks. In a production customer environment, Momentum with Supercharger was able to send in excess of 18 million messages per hour.

Reduced Processing Time With Supercharger

Ensure Business Success

Now that so many B2C interactions are happening on mobile smartphones and tablets, keeping conversations fresh and free of delays or gaps will increase business value in multiple ways:

  • Create New Revenue-Driving Services
    Reliable supercharged low-latency capabilities enable you to tap real-time data sources and business processes to create customized communications services like mobile banking, investment research, location-based engagement programs and lots more.
  • Increase Compliance & Performance Capabilities
    If you’re a service provider, supercharged low latency messaging provides the kind of superior performance that allows you to ensure higher levels of compliance and meet more challenging service level agreements (SLAs) — to expand your business and take on bigger, more lucrative accounts.
  • More Effective Customer Service
    For retailers, banks and service providers, your customer call operations are an expensive cost center. When you can use automated messaging to respond to simple customer queries, and immediately communicate those responses through email, text or IM, you can realize enormous savings.

Sometimes, Silence is NOT Golden

Fewer server requirements with a new multi-core architecture ensures better efficiencies with existing hardware; Momentum now provides the absolute highest performance and scalability of any digital messaging server platform on the market today (credit michael). It has everything high volume senders need to meet your low-latency digital messaging needs now, and well into the future.

So that message that your customer is waiting for? You can be sure that they’ll get it.

For more information about how you get avoid low latency with Momentum, download the Momentum with Supercharger brochure. Interested in how you can incorporate push notifications into your high speed transactional messaging to drive down costs? Check out our Push Notifications Best Practices E-Book!