cetwsignA couple of weeks ago, we headed to the Big Apple to participate in Customer Engagement Technology World at the Javits Center.  It was an interesting mélange of technologies that was being displayed on the show floor.  Vendors representing the broad spectrum of technologies that help marketers connect with their customers were all there: from big data to social media, from gamification to location-based marketing, and from digital signage to interactive kiosks. Walking the show floor you could be forgiven if you thought you were at CES in Las Vegas, being bombarded with large-screen LED displays wrapping video around flashily-lit booths.  There was even a vendor showcasing an interactive lighted floor and another one projecting what looked like 3D ads onto water vapor!

CETWwatervapourBut amidst all the flashy lights, what marketers were keen on exploring were technologies related to mobile, mobile and more mobile.  There was a whole row of exhibitors dedicated to mobile technologies and how they could help today’s marketer.  Which wasn’t surprising, because as one of the session speakers noted: “the average time per day spent on mobile devices has caught up to average time per day spent watching TV.”

CETWboothv2It was the perfect venue to for Message Systems to unveil Momentum Mobile – a new digital messaging platform that helps marketers engage their customers across all digital channels – email, SMS/MMS, push notifications to mobile apps, and chat.  We were happy to highlight the new mobile push capabilities at our booth, and we also participated in a panel discussion which was one of the most highly attended sessions at the conference.  In addition, we led another learning session on turbo-charging your email programs by integrating mobile messaging into these campaigns – and why you need to do this on a unified messaging platform.

While it could be easy to get lost in the sea of technologies represented at the show, marketers should not lose focus on what is important: customers want value, and they will listen to your message and engage with you if they feel that you have something of value for them.  Mobile technologies are cool, but they are just a channel by which a marketer communicates – one among many.  Marketers should focus on the message, and not on how the message gets to its audience – and this is where a unified digital messaging platform comes in.  We shield the marketer from the complexities of translating the message into the right format for the appropriate channel and end-user device.  As one speaker at the event noted: “Unless you’re a consumer electronics company, technology should only enable experience, not be the experience”.

If you’re interested to learn more about Momentum Mobile, have a look at the Momentum Mobile brochure or the Push Data Sheet. You can also register for our upcoming webinar to find out why The Time Is Now For Multichannel!

The Time Is Now For Multichannel