We’re less than three weeks away from our first-ever user conference at Paradise Point in San Diego, coming up the week of October 10th. So it’s probably a good time to start showcasing some of the sessions and activities we’ve got planned. I’m looking forward to presenting on Message Convergence on Wednesday, Oct. 12th.  David Daniels and I have gone in-depth on this topic in a pair of white papers, and this session will build on that content.

The concept is simple: Technology (mostly in the form of social networking and smartphone technology) is changing customer behaviors, hyping their expectations and affording them ever-greater control over what’s communicated and how. The net/net is that customers now demand that you interact with them on their terms. This is the “new norm” of customer engagement where control has shifted, the rules have changed and old strategies, processes and technologies no longer suffice.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How and why customer behaviors and expectations are changing, and the ways that customer control amplifies these changes.
  • What the future of customer engagement looks like and the modalities that companies must support – in the moment, two-way and cross-channel interactions that are increasingly mobile and social.
  • What all this means in terms of the ways companies must now interact with their customers, the business strategies, processes and technologies needed to succeed, and the business risks to those who fail to act or act wrongly.
  • Why Message Convergence is the right customer engagement strategy for an increasingly mobile, real time, cross-channel environment, and how it will ensure higher customer loyalty and benefit the bottom lines of companies who embrace it.
  • What principles to consider in the pursuit of Message Convergence with prescriptive advice on how to implement them.

Hope to see you there! If you haven’t registered yet, you make it happen right here.