We are excited to share that we’ve migrated our on-premises documentation to GitHub! 

Similar to the documentation for the SparkPost API, user guides and other items related to the Momentum software, the documentation will now be hosted publicly at http://staging.sparkpost.com/momentum

Make sure to bookmark it! 

As a company-wide effort, we can ensure that all documentation is up-to-date for the versions of Momentum we support. We have also implemented a new navigation system for working through thousands of pages of documentation. 

We added a new navigation sidebar to help you explore the documents much like you would using a table of contents.

Inside of each document, you can continue using the links to navigate throughout. 

We also added Algolia search support. This powerful search functionality separates results by version so you always know where you’re looking.

Using solutions like Github; development teams can craft the nuts and bolts documentation for the features they develop while Product Managers or Product Marketers can create new value-based documentation while being on the lookout for typos and outdated information. 

These solutions allow users to make suggestions to improve documentation that Product Owners can review and implement if necessary. It’s a massive effort that can be executed well with a basic level of trust and teamwork. 

See something in the documentation that looks out of place? Let us know by making a comment or submitting a PR! 

You’re part of our SparkPost family and we hope you will use Github to suggest edits and improvements to the user guide. Together, we can achieve documentation-Nirvana. 

We’re excited about this enhancement for our on-premises Momentum customers! 

Happy Sending! 

~ Harold