Having trouble deciphering message headers?

Here’s a quick guide to the message headers that originate from Momentum:

I find that Gmail provides the cleanest headers (headers in Outlook boxes are hard to read). The localpart of the “Return Path” header (VERP) for MC messages allow you to trace an individual message back to the org, mailing, content and recipient as follows:

VERP = bounces-<orgid>-<mailingid>-<segmentid>-<messagetemplateid>-<contactid>-<progresscounter>@thesendingdomain (all values are HEX)

Now, where do you find the headers?

Gmail – my favorite way to view headers since they seem to be the cleanest!

  • Open message
  • Find the arrow pointing down just to the right of the date/time
  • Click arrow
  • Choose “show original”

Hotmail via web browser

  • On list of messages – hover over subject
  • Right-click, choose “View message source”

Yahoo via web browser

  • Open message
  • On bottom right click “Full Headers” link

Outlook for Mac (headers contain all sorts of other stuff added by ISP)

  • On list of messages – hover over subject
  • Right-click, choose “view source”

For more background reading (best enjoyed with a glass of wine or good quality dark chocolate and pillow), check out The official specification of an email message.

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