Nothing says *love* quite like a highly produced network reality series where 25+ women duke it out for the chance to maybe get married to one lucky dude, or in the case of this season of The Bachelor, one lucky pilot. Perhaps the only love greater than that between Pilot Pete and whoever the heck he decides to pick at the end of this season, is my love of intellectualizing and overstating the cultural importance of The Bachelor (something I’ve been known to do in SparkPost’s internal #bachelor-nation slack channel), but enough about me! 

Over the franchise’s collective 44 seasons (including spin-offs), Bachelor Nation has seen an overwhelming increase in the amount of contestants that go on to become some of the most prolific social media influencers in the world!  In honor of the most romantic show of our time and of course Valentine’s Day, we wanted to hand out a few roses to some of our favorite email influencers out there! While they may not have as many followers as Ashley I or Hannah B, these certified #emailgeeks have won our hearts with their amazing social media accounts!

Check out which Email Influencers we’re giving our roses to this Valentine’s Day:

Anne Tomlin

Responsive Email Developer and Founder of Emails Y’all, Anne Tomlin, kills us every time with her pop-culturally relevant knee slappers.


John Thies

CEO and Co-founder of Email on Acid, John Thies,  shares his email expertise by participating in his company’s twitter chats.


Jen Capstraw 

Director of Strategic Insights and Evangelism at Iterable and Co-founder of Women of Email, Jen Capstraw cracks us up with her mind-blowings gifs.


Matt Helbig

Co-founder of Really Good Emails (a 2018 Sparky Award Winner!), Matt Helbig, keeps us up-to-date with upcoming #emailgeek events.


Val Geisler

Founder of Fix My Churn and self-proclaimed “queen of onboarding tear downs”, Val Geisler, sparks conversation and engagement with her open-ended tweets.


Simms Jenkins

CEO of Brightwave, Simms Jenkins, keeps us in the loop about what’s going on at his company…btw they’re hiring!


Alyssa Nahatis

Director of Deliverability Americas & Global Services at Adobe, Alyssa Nahatis, keeps us on our toes with the latest marketing news.


Matthew Smith 

CEO and Founder of Really Good Emails, Matthew Smith, engages his followers by crowdsourcing design solutions.


Mike Nelson

Partner at  Really Good Emails, Mike Nelson, totally got us with this April fools! ?


Ashleigh Rankin

Our own Email Marketing Manager, Ashleigh Rankin, influences us everyday with her email marketing knowledge and her graphic design abilities…

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

~ Erica

P.S. If you made this list, watch out for a very special gift coming to you later this week!