Multiple Communications Systems =
 Multiple Cost Centers

Whether through mergers, acquisitions or simple organic growth, many companies end up with a customer communications messaging infrastructure cobbled together from multiple email or other kinds of messaging systems dedicated to distinct lines of business or organizational divisions. For instance, marketing outsources its email and SMS text infrastructure to a marketing service provider. Customer care has a phone bank and IM capability integrated with their standalone CRM. Sales does most of their outbound sending through Salesforce. The EMEA operation handles everything in-house. And so it goes.

With all these walled-off systems, any economies of scale or benefits from integrated data and centralized management are out of the question. Maintaining consistent branding across divisions is difficult, while back-end systems management remains a huge task with dedicated teams for each distinct deployment. Message Systems offers a better way.

Manage Unlimited Businesses Operations with One Solution

Message Systems provides advanced multi-tenant messaging capabilities to help you control IT costs and more effectively manage operational resources. With a Message Systems solution, organizations with complex email, SMS text or IM processes can quickly benefit from the advantages of multi-tenancy to improve service levels, outpace competitors and increase profit margins.

Multi-tenancy is a force multiplier: you can manage hundreds or even thousands of distinct lines of businesses, brands or operations — all from a single Message Systems implementation. It also provides for greater flexibility in coordinating communications across operations to support a smooth, unified brand experience, and helps in enforcing distinct policies for message handling and security.

Single System, Multiple Benefits

Message Systems’ unique multi-tenant capabilities enable leading enterprises, telecom carriers and marketing service providers to dramatically lower their infrastructure and IT management costs while creating clear competitive advantages.

Streamline Management

Provision messaging services for millions of users and multiple lines of business — with distinct brands, service levels and reporting — through a single management console.

Roll Out Products and Services Faster

Upgrade services and software, or launch new offerings across your entire customer base simultaneously.

Deploy More Innovative Messaging Services

Extend messaging capabilities horizontally across the organization — integrating email and SMS with data sources, systems, applications and partners to meet emerging business requirements.

With a unified messaging infrastructure, multi-tenancy simplifies system monitoring and reduces operating costs since fewer system administrators are required, thus allowing you to channel your resources to where they are really needed.

Multi-tenancy is just one of the many features and benefits of using the Momentum platform. Find out why more enterprises and big senders are turning to Message Systems with the What Sets Momentum Apart white paper.

What Sets Momentum Apart