The newsletter is a tried and true piece of email content that we as marketers continue to send, yet still can’t get right. Most newsletters are boring. They are weekly or monthly compilations of your blog, previously published content, or key messaging you want to shove down recipients’ throats. They are the epitome of batch and blast email– lacking personalization and pizazz.

Despite our best attempts, we continue to slog away and send that newsletter. At SparkPost we are just as guilty as any other company. In fact, since before I started, we’ve always titled our bi-monthly newsletter to have the same title, The Messenger: Email Insights from SparkPost.

No personalization, the content is a roundup of the best blog content over the past couple of weeks, and the editor’s pick is a piece of our own content that is focused on lead generation. Now our click to open rates are good, but as an email company that powers almost 40% of the world’s B2C and B2B email, we can do better. We know better. We tell you how to do better, and yet we don’t put it into practice, which is downright embarrassing.

Our email nurture program is already set up by stage of the funnel, persona, and job function, which helps us deliver content you care about. We even installed a preference center in early 2018 to help us better deliver content you want to hear about. But our newsletter has always been batch and blast. Ours has needed a facelift for awhile and I am here to tell you that starting tomorrow (April 2, 2020) our newsletter will have a completely new look and feel!

My trip to the  Content Marketing World conference last fall reminded me of the simple and basic tactics that we often preach here on the blog but don’t put into practice. Here were the takeaways that Liz Willits from AWeber reminded me of, and will also resonate with all email marketers and #emailgeeks:

  1. Provide unique solutions and don’t make your newsletter just about your latest content.
  2. Be unique and offer a personal story or tell a customer’s story.
  3. Curate content and share industry content from across your industry’s ecosphere.
  4. Gather intel from your audience and customers and answer those inquiries in your newsletter.
  5. Make it interactive by using AMP for Email.
  6. Make it personal beyond name in the subject line and salutation with specific content for that persona.
  7. Make it relevant and segment your newsletter, whether by where your audience is in the stage of the funnel, distribution by vertical/location, persona, job function, etc.

Taking all of this into consideration, I am so excited to introduce our brand new bi-weekly newsletter: “The Post”. As I mentioned, the first issue of  “The Post” will be hot off the press tomorrow morning– be sure to sign up to receive it here!

~ Tracy