Between Twitter’s acquisition of Revue, Business Insider’s purchase of Morning Brew, and Substack’s $65M series B it’s not hard to spot that interest in newsletters is trending up. Why? Well, there are more than a few reasons, but a major one is that readers are interested in diverse views that may not otherwise be captured in the traditional journalism model. Another? Readers are looking for curated niche content on their favorite topics. We might be a little biased, but, there’s no better place for this kind of content than right inside the inbox! And, because of emails’ democratized nature, there are no algorithms to compete against. Whether you’re trying to figure out if you’ve been rocking “cursed GORP” by reading Blackbird Spyplane, or you’ve somehow snagged an invite to the ultra exclusive Opulent Tips, these reads won’t get lost in the noise of Twitter or Instagram.

So, what are we reading over here at SparkPost? We asked our team to share some of their favorite newsletters. Check out what they said below:

Harold Vass, Group Product Manager – Morning Brew

As evidenced by their aforementioned acquisition by Business Insider, Morning Brew is one of the biggest names in newsletters. Morning Brew is a daily newsletter geared towards young professionals interested in the latest business news. Each daily email gives short briefs on the latest and greatest updates from Wall Street and Silicon Valley as well as a recap of the stock market. If you’re interested in staying up to date on the latest business headlines, this newsletter is for you!

Richard Dawe, Principal Engineer – Level Up

Level Up is Pat Kua’s leadership in tech newsletter. In it, he delivers great insights and advice in his forewords. He also includes a selection of interesting and thought provoking articles for readers to check out. If you’re looking to level up your leadership skills, be sure to check out this newsletter.

Eddy De La Torre, Account Executive – The Hustle

Like Morning Brew, The Hustle is a daily newsletter focusing on tech and business news. Read by over a million people daily The Hustle is known for its authentic tone when it comes to reporting on recent news. Their ethos is all about creating snackable content that gets straight to the point. Looking to spice up your inbox? Take The Hustle for a spin!

Erica Weiss, Brand and Campaign Manager – FRANK

Calling all pop culture enthusiasts! If you’re interested in hearing some irreverent takes on the latest news in film, tv, and much more, look no further. FRANK, written by television writer and podcaster, Ira Madison III, is filled to the brim with funny and thoughtful takes on everything from Tom Cruise’s infamous 2005 Oprah interview to a complete recap of this year’s Grammys.

If you love newsletters as much as we do, there’s one more that’s an absolute must-subscribe– SparkPost’s newsletter of course: The Post! If you want the updates on all things email written in our quirky #emailgeek voice, hit that subscribe button!

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