Data-driven email validation powered by the world’s largest sender.

We are excited to announce the next generation of SparkPost’s Recipient Validation – data-driven email address validation powered by the world’s largest email database. Our Recipient Validation now catches twice as many invalid addresses as before, giving you the best sender reputation protection on the market. Our new data-driven system uses data from thousands of other senders, so you can remove more undeliverable and toxic addresses from your lists before they bounce and hurt your sending reputation. We analyzed a sample of customers using another validation solution and found that on average our Recipient Validation would catch an additional 31% of their hard bounces missed by our competitors, helping you send with confidence. With this release we have also added typo detection and suggestion, plugging a top source of lead loss for customers.

Recipient Validation

One of the hard and fast rules of being a good sender is to only send to real people who have explicitly opted-in. As an email marketer, you want to grow your list with real, high-quality email addresses that are going to engage, without letting damaging addresses through. You need to verify that an email address isn’t going to damage your reputation before you send to it.

Every experienced marketer and deliverability specialist can tell you how damaging it is to send to undeliverable and low-quality addresses. And just as important, you also want to be sure you never miss an opportunity to connect with someone. As a customer of yours, I want you to catch my mistakes before I finish signing up because I really do want to hear from you!

Diving in!

Hard bounces

Back in December, we decided to tackle this universal problem and released a beta of Recipient Validation. With it, we started with the industry knowledge and worked with our team of data scientists to validate best practices and create our solution. With our research, we developed a data-source to identify undeliverable addresses and released Recipient Validation for all SparkPost customers in June. Since then, we’ve continued our research and have constructed an improved system to identify undeliverable and risky email addresses so you can be confident in your sending, instead of relying on outdated and inaccurate checks.

Our data scientists discovered that not all hard bounces are equal – one hard bounce isn’t enough to discount an email address for everyone. When Recipient Validation suspects an email address will hard bounce, we surface that so you can make the decision on whether you want to take on that risk.

Low-quality addresses

Recipient Validation helps you identify low-quality addresses. It identifies disposable domains, including both masked email addresses – addresses that good engagement rates but can’t be tied to a real user – and throwaway email addresses – addresses that hurt your ROI with extremely low engagement rates. With the average engagement rate of less than 0.80%, you can confidently eliminate throwaway addresses. In fact, 95% senders who remove disposable addresses will see no change or an increase in their engagement rate while decreasing their overall traffic.

User experience

We know how important user experience is for your success (keep your eyes peeled for some exciting UX changes in the SparkPost app). That’s why we built Recipient Validation with that in mind. Recipient Validation will catch typos before your user submits, and with the majority of validations completed in under 30 milliseconds, you won’t introduce extra friction.

In sum, Recipient Validation will catch:

  • Email address syntax errors
  • Role-based or shared email addresses
  • Throwaway and masked addresses
  • Accidental typos
  • Potentially undeliverable addresses
  • Known undeliverable addresses

Jump into the SparkPost app (EU) to validate your list now. And dig into the documentation and start validating email addresses in real-time with our real-time API.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback. Send us an email at if you have any thoughts or suggestions for Recipient Validation or our other sending features.

For more information about Recipient Validation click here.

Happy sending!

—Avi, Technical Product Manager

❤️ Special thanks to Sailakshmi Pisupati, Tim Ecklund, Jason Sorensen, Patrick Sison, Brian Kemper, Nick Lemmon, Jose Zamora, Lynn Murphy, Angelica Garcia, Julian Moyse, Jason Soni and to all the Product, Engineering, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success teams