The new year is here!  


PowerMTA launched two new versions in Q4 2019. A version for our newest product release 5.0 as well as our legacy product 4.5. We had a fantastic time meeting with our customers at the PowerMTA Summit in Amsterdam back in September and were even able to include a few feature requests we received into these releases. A special shout out to Tamara Bond at DotDigital for the top feature request in the 5.0r2 release! We appreciate your support and feedback to help make the product something you love to use. 

Here are a few of the 5.0r2 features we released at the end of the year, for a full changelog visit the PowerMTA download site or get in touch with us! 

  • Added a per-queue “retry-after-dns-error” directive that can be used to specify a different and shorter retry time for a queue when DNS resolution fails since it likely does not need to wait long to try again;
  • Improved our opportunistic DANE feature that launched with PMTA 5.0;
  • Added the ability to configure send and receive timeouts for connections in.NET submissions API; and
  • Upgraded to OpenSSL 1.1.1, adding support for TLSv1.3.

One more thing for PowerMTA’s newest major version. I partnered up with Scott Habicht – Senior Director of Support and expert all things PowerMTA to create a new type of resource for PowerMTA. This knowledge base article is a great place to start learning about how the features in 5.0 can help you get the most out of your sending program whether you’re a seasoned sending vet or a PowerMTA newbie. Did I mention it has gifs? Because it has gifs. They’re educational and informative as opposed to the ones in this blog; which are purely for your enjoyment.

We also just released PowerMTA 4.5r20! Although the upgrade from 4.5 to 5.0 is ridiculously easy (you should do it and if you’re current on your Support it’s included!) we totally understand that you’re busy and a major version upgrade might need to hold off a bit longer.  Because of that, we still want to deliver some features we think you’ll find incredibly valuable as well as some bug fixes we’ll leave for the changelog. 

For 4.5r20 we have two heavy hitters and a handful of improvements and fixes we’ll leave to the changelog. The big ones include:

  • Adding support for HAProxy protocol version 1 for outbound traffic from PowerMTA to make setting up a more resilient network easier when you have multiple PowerMTA instances; and
  • Adding the ability to specify custom message IDs for Signals events using an X-header; this feature can be used to support reporting of engagement tracking events in Sparkpost Signals.

You may be asking yourself, what is SparkPost Signals. Oh, just the world’s most awesome and powerful email analytics and optimization suite powered by a company that sends over 37% of the world’s B2C email – NBD. One of the really awesome things about this product is that it can work with your on-premises instances of PowerMTA. Steve Tuck, SparkPost Senior Solutions Engineer did an awesome write up about using Signals with PowerMTA here late last year. 


We also just launched a new version of Momentum – version 4.3.1. This is Momentum’s first release since March of 2019 and contains a bundle of features and fixes. Since our Momentum community is so widely varied in their use and application of the product, I’ll briefly touch on a couple items that (I believe) are universally applicable and would refer you to the release notes for everything else. 

  • Updated the libssh2, HTTP/2, Cyren, and CSAPI to resolve vulnerabilities and improve performance. ?; and
  • Added the TLS status of messages and AMP labels to the Events field to help you analyze your streams.

Keep an eye out early this year as we overhaul the entirety of the Momentum support documentation into an easier, more searchable, and more teachable(!) format right here on the SparkPost website.

Signals for On-Prem Bonus! Steve Tuck, in his infinite awesomeness also did an entire article on Momentum Signals for On-Prem. The article does a great job walking you through the (simple) process of getting your on-prem instance of Momentum ready to play nice with our cloud analytics platform – Signals!


A huge, massive, colossal thank you to everyone that has made SparkPost On-Prem land a delight to be a part of including Tom Mairs, Joal Barbehenn, Gene Marshburn, Bridey Medeiros, Scott Habicht, Steve Tuck, Avinash Kulkarni, and the PMTA team, Julie and the SMTP Delivery team, and so many more here at SparkPost plus all of our users and friends that have provided powerful insight and recommendations that we use every day to make these products better. We’re looking forward to another year of learning and growing with you. Happy Sending… 

~ Harold