For me, as a Sales Engineer, it is all about the story. I could drone on for hours about how awesome our product is and the billions of bytes of code we wrote and the awards we’ve won, but really – who cares? Do you know what people care about? They care about how other people use it. They care about success stories and diving saves. They care about how we can make them be a hero to their peers and their customers.

People want to hear about that time we were able to predict a service outage two days before it happened using crazy data science. Or that time we identified a problem with a customer’s signup form using engagement recency charts. They want to explore how our real-time analytics data identified a failing generation node and prevented thousands of lost messages.

The SparkPost team and their customers can tell you a wide range of stories about how using the right tool can reveal interesting things you didn’t know about your own email sending practices. For 20+ years, we have been the underlying infrastructure of the email space, fueling the vast majority of Email Service Providers and high volume senders. Our visible data footprint covers 37% of the entire world’s commercial email traffic so we have definitely seen a few things.

We have seen customers leverage our flexible API Key management system to allow 3rd party fraud prevention tools to filter bad contacts without exposing access to the messaging engine. API Keys can be very granular to allow send-only or report-only functions as well as provide direct manipulation of the embedded suppression system.

Many customers have taken advantage of the real-time data webhook feed to trigger specific business automation processes like real-time list hygiene and FBL processing for CAN-SPAM compliance. This data feed is also ideal for something often referred to as “Assured Delivery” where you can reroute message to an alternate channel in the event of an initial delivery failure. Mailbox full? No problem, let’s just resend that to the alternate address we have on file.

Customers share exciting stories with us all the time about how they improved business results by doing the unexpected. A great example of this is the sender who we counseled to send LESS mail to get a better result. That may seem strange for a company whose model is to bill on volume, but our primary focus is customer success and in this case, that is what was needed. We identified which users were actually engaging with email and in turn generating revenue. Targeting only those users resulted in eliminating 70% of the outbound volume but increased their open rates by 4x and in turn resulted in higher profits and a more efficient operation.

In a similar way, we could share the story of a customer who came to us in need to migrate off another provider but only had 11 days for a full migration. Most deliverability people will tell you it takes several weeks to warm up IPs to the point where you can send any appreciable volume– so 11 days sounds like an impossible task. Yet we were able to leverage SparkPost technology and decades of experience to meet the challenge.

We would love to hear your story. If you are a SparkPost, PowerMTA, or Momentum customer, we welcome you to share your success story with us. If you have not had the pleasure of using any of our tech yet, please give us a chance to make a diving save, give you a more efficient platform, or resolve a messaging crisis. Your story awaits.

~ Tom