***This is a guest post, brought to you by our partner, Ongage.

You Can Now Use Ongage with Your SparkPost Subaccounts!

With the number of worldwide email users forecast to rise to 2.9 billion users by 2019, email marketing professionals are busy! We need solutions that make our jobs easier and make us more effective.

When SparkPost, added subaccounts, professional email developers rejoiced. You can now separate out your clients, business units, or mail streams – with different API keys, sending domains, and other assets – so that each can have their own data and reports.

When SparkPost first integrated with Ongage, it was a perfect match. One could finally set up triggers to send relevant, timely emails to subscribers (without needing a developer on-staff).

To make your job easier, as an extension of our partnership, you can now use Ongage with your SparkPost subaccounts!

How The New Ongage Integration Features Make Your Job Easier

1. Automation

In the never-ending quest to reduce email costs, SMTP Relay Services, like SparkPost, offer a cost-effective solution with a RESTful API and powerful SMTP injection. For those needing a robust front-end for managing, analyzing, and reporting on email marketing KPIs, the integration with Ongage now gives you the ability to configure each of your SparkPost subaccounts to have a different sending domain, different IP, subscription management, reply to, etc. You no longer have to manually set up these changes. Everything is automated and streamlined for you.

2. Differentiate email strategies among clients

Whether you service different clients or different business units within the same company, your email marketing strategy cannot and should not be the same for each subaccount. By separating them out, you can truly personalize the email strategy you deliver to each one in order to improve reputation and deliverability.

3. Report on separate streams

Offering a service that is data-driven means more to the email marketing pros than simply having data about email campaigns. You need a way to share relevant data with your customers (internally and externally) to showcase your success and identify opportunities for optimizations. With this new integration, you can separate your reports per subaccount to share only relevant data to each client.

4. Maintain privacy and compliance

Now you can ensure your clients that their data is segregated and will remain private. By giving them access to their subaccount, you give them power to examine real-time data on their own email marketing operation.

5. Manage the entire operation in a single dashboard

Though each subaccount is a separate entity, there is still a benefit to you in having an overall picture of the health of your email operations. This is one way you can differentiate yourself from competitors: provide insights and numbers that prove your point. More importantly, having a single dashboard from which to manage all of your subaccounts saves you time and empowers you to provide aggregated insights.

Sparkpost + Ongage = ♥

More time and power for you.
Better strategy, privacy, and compliance for your clients.
What’s not to love?

Ready to take your email marketing operations to the next level with SparkPost and Ongage? Try it now!