Our inaugural virtual email intelligence conference was just last week and I’m already feeling nostalgic…it feels like just yesterday that we all got dressed up for the most perfect night of our lives, danced the night away and I of course won prom queen! Oh wait…I’ve gone back too far, I meant to talk about OptIn Live not my high school experience. Actually, wait… I wasn’t prom queen, whose memories are these!?

Okay, while I try to sort out how this whole paramnesia thing, let’s go back in time– just one week and remember all of the amazing memories from OptIn Live:

A Bunderful Keynote

During her keynote address Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs, dove into the importance and power of storytelling in newsletters. She kicked off her talk by talking about “Bun” the adorable rabbit that started calling her backyard home months ago. She tried to feed Bun carrots but that didn’t seem to be his food of choice. Throughout her keynote on storytelling she told the story of her quest to win Bun’s love and attention as a metaphor for how to nurture and win the respect of your customers. Spoiler: Ann and Bun are BFFs now! 

OptIn Live

Shar. Van. Boskirk.

Shar VanBoskirk, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester, moderated two panel discussions featuring experts from across the industry. The first panel was The Future of Email Post COVID-19 where panelists from Emarsys, The New York Times, and ActiveCampaign discussed what they foresee to be the lasting impacts of the pandemic on the world of email. Our second panel was, Retention is the New Acquisition, where industry titans from Versidi, CareerBuilder, and 14 West chatted about new and emerging retention strategies in email. During both panels, Shar asked probing questions like, “Are there noticeable differences between your 2019 and 2020 email strategy?”.  She also synthesized the panelists’ answers in live time, ending both panels with a summary of overarching themes.

Check out clips of both panels below:


The “Zoom Mullet”

According to Ann Handley, a Zoom Mullet is when you wear a nice shirt or blouse up top, with a pair of your stretchiest pants out of frame for your Zoom calls. All of our panelists, speakers and attendees got to rock this very outfit since our event took place virtually! Ann also mentioned that the Zoom Mullet can apply to emails as well. Unlike your WFH gear, when it comes to an email newsletter it’s important that the content quality is consistent from top to bottom. Don’t entice subscribers with a strong subject line or intro and let the rest of the email fall flat. In any case, I for one enjoyed learning how to avoid the Zoom Mullet in email newsletters while wearing a Zoom Mullet! Ah, the joys of WFH!

Your Presence = Presents! 

The fun of OptIn Live isn’t over just yet! All conference attendees will receive a swag box full of goodies including an adorable mug, hot chocolate, a sturdy bookmark, and a copy of Ann Handley’s book: Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content.

Did you miss the fun of OptIn Live? Did you attend and want to rewatch the content? You’re in luck! Check out the OptIn Live content repository, filled to the brim with recordings from the day of the event plus a bonus pre-recorded panel on Pandora’s Box of Deliverability!

Thank you to all those who attended OptIn Live, we hope the event was better than your high school experience…or at the very least, better than mine!

Thanks for the memories,

~ Erica