The Validator Tool

No, it’s not the latest Arnold Schwarzenegger comeback movie. Nor is it a robot from the future sent to save (or destroy) us all. The Validator is the latest product offering from Message Systems. And guess what?

It’s free for all to use.

The Validator is essentially an email testing tool that checks your email to ensure that it passes the standard tests that an Internet Service Provider (ISP) puts it through, be it DMARC, DKIM or SPF. Based off our technology, it allows anyone to see if their emails are going to be that 8.7% that ends up in the spam folder or the 15.1% that is blocked by ISP filters.

Much like the World Wide Web Consortium Markup Validation Service that allows webmasters to check HTML and XHTML for web documents, The Validator allows you to check how well your email is doing in terms of deliverability – and empowers you with the information to decide whether or not you should be switching email providers.

Whether it is a promotional message or transactional email, The Validator tells you whether your email passes or fails these above tests and more. It is an email verifier that ensures that your business will be recognized as one that is sending legitimate email to legitimate email addresses. Here’s a quick demo video on how to use it.

Want to make sure that your email is getting into the inbox of your customers? Make sure that your emails are passing the checks and balances put into place by ISPs to protect customers. Don’t wait until your email is blacklisted or blocked by the major ISPs.

Simply generate a test email address with our tool, and send your chosen email to that address.

We’ll take care of the rest.

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Need more help with email tools or testing DKIM, DMARC of SPF configurations? Comment below, find us on Twitter or chat with us in community slack.