Lately, it can feel like performance marketing is under attack. With continually updating algorithms, lack of clarity in governance, and more twisted content making its way through our streams, it is becoming increasingly difficult to not just to cut through the noise but filter through what’s relevant and not and engage in meaningful ways. The bottom line, in 2020, you can’t afford to put email performance on the back burner. 

Powerful AIs. The world of performance marketing is programmatic, and it’s more important than ever to dig into data and identify what works for your business to achieve success in these shifting landscapes and to get your message to the right person at the right time.

Predictive Insights are going to be your BFF. Know the difference between actionable predictive insights and historical data reporting. Not all analytics are created equal, and while we all love graphs and charts, past performance is only one piece of the analytics puzzle. Clear insights that dig beyond surface metrics and gives you a warning if you’re about to hit obstacles that will impact your success, will give your teams the power to course-correct before your business takes a hit. 

Optimize or Get Left Behind. Teams that don’t make it a priority to collect and synthesize data to inform their optimization are going to have a pretty hard time going against competitors using robust predictive algorithms to inform their email optimization and deliver value to their customers. Whether it’s A/B testing, content optimization, or time of send; optimizing your programs for a personalized experience is key to increasing engagement and conversions. 

What does all of this mean? It means that if your teams are going into next year without a real peak under the hood of your email performance, you are going to have a tough time playing catch up. Your competition is already doing these very things and finding the best ways to optimize email to engage and re-engage their customers. Cutting through the noise is essential, but how can you deliver thoughtful, relevant, and personal content to users at the time when they are most likely to engage? Predictive insights will be critical to identifying highly engaged or fatigued users, giving you the information you need to tailor your content and time of delivery to delight and engage your customers. 

~ Angélica