As a Product Manager, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with, and learn from, hundreds of industry experts and power-users of SparkPost products. This has provided a great foundation to align our product vision to that of our customers and their changing needs. It also gives us insight into larger trends and shifts in the industry, and to help our customers better prepare for them. 

Unsurprisingly, we’ve seen a large shift in more and more customers migrating their on-premises software to the public cloud (it’s not rocket science 🚀 people).  

As an organization our response to this trend is SparkPost Cloud, a SaaS sending product with Enterprise level support and deliverability expertise and insights. And while SparkPost Cloud is a great solution for many of our customers, for thousands of PowerMTA superstars there is nowhere else they’d rather be. We are now committed now more than ever, to make SparkPost Cloud and the knowledge we gain from building and improving it work for our PMTA customers as well. 

Regardless of if you’re running PowerMTA in the cloud to meet regulatory requirements, drive down costs, or simply because you’re a PMTA expert – our R&D is focussed on a bright future for you.

First and foremost, you’ll be happy to hear – many PowerMTA customers are already running PowerMTA versions very successfully in one or more public cloud environments. AWS and Azure are the most common choices and we’ve seen representation from others. 

If you’re not already running PowerMTA in your favorite public cloud – don’t worry, when you do, the process will be easy and painless. Alexander Burch from ActiveCampaign says, “We’ve been using PowerMTA in the public cloud for 2 years and are impressed with how easy it is to deploy and manage. Our transition to the cloud was largely painless and PowerMTA functioned wonderfully in the new environment.” 

We can set you up with a free PowerMTA Trial License so you can see how easy it is to deploy PowerMTA for yourself. Let me know how it goes! We can also set you up with a free trial of SparkPost Signals, our cloud analytics platform that helps maximize ROI and demystify email deliverability for your team – it works great with PowerMTA and you can be set up in the time it takes to drink a coffee ☕. 

When you are running PowerMTA in the cloud, there’s two ways our team wants to continue to support you: Our commitment to updates and feature enhancements and ongoing education.  


PowerMTA maintains a consistent cadence of releases. Releases that include more than bug fixes or small tweaks, releases with real substance. We make updates that impact our customer’s experience in a meaningful way and align with their evolving needs. Things like HAProxy support, volume-based licensing, webhooks for accounting data, extensive JSON support and an HTTP-REST Interface for submission. This steady drum-beat of features that compliment running PowerMTA in a public cloud will help continue to set us apart as the leader in professional, commercial MTAs. 


But what’s the point if you don’t know how any of these features work. Or even worse, why we have these features in the first place. Education is the keystone to a great product experience. Call it a carryover from my time lecturing undergrads. To me, the old software wisdom of “if it’s not documented, it didn’t ship” is expanded to say “If I can’t understand its benefit, I can’t understand its value.” As a team, we’ve made strides to expand how we convey the benefits of the product through education. Up until now, this has included more comprehensive release notes, blogs for specific features and architectures, blogs on our own trials and tribulations, an active forum (🔐 customer’s only!), a better User Guide experience, and Getting Started guides. Last year, I brought .gifs, lots of .gifs to celebrate the PowerMTA 5.0 launch. 

This year, we’re excited to try out short video demos of some of our favorite features and tips for PMTA. We’re hopeful that these videos will circulate throughout your development and deliverability teams helping everyone level up with PowerMTA. The first video, Intro to HAProxy, is already available. If you’d like to see us cover a specific topic, tweet us @SparkPost or tweet me @hlvass

The development team is already hard at work on the next release of PowerMTA – exactly like our customers and partners have come to expect. I won’t let the cat completely out of the bag but know that the team is focussed on security, protecting your secrets, and expanded functionality for our customers favorite features in PMTA 5.0. If you’re not already part of the PowerMTA family, there’s no better time than the present to trial an MTA that’s ready for the future of your organization. 

I hope this post finds you and your team in good health and good spirits. Happy sending from the SparkPost family.

~ Harold