Being able to predict things in the future – when you think about it – is pretty amazing.

In today’s data-centric world, where machine learning and data behavior capabilities are advancing so fast, being “predictive” is now transforming many industries for the better.

Today, we are pleased to bring the first data-driven, predictive email intelligence platform to our own industry, with the launch of SparkPost Signals.

We felt strongly, and our teams worked hard, to bring email delivery and deliverability analytics forward to be more in line with leading-edge technologies in fields like ad-tech, financial services, and consumer marketing.

With SparkPost Signals, we now offer an email intelligence platform that analyzes the behavior of trillions of emails to predict email engagement and delivery health. Our early customers can attest to how it helps optimize email delivery based on predictive analytics and machine learning to maximize revenue and avoid costly outages.

Here’s what our friends at Zillow have to say:

“SparkPost Signals gives us a holistic view of our campaigns across all of our brands,” said Justin Farris, director, product management at Zillow. “Visibility into our email health score means we don’t miss critical changes in performance and can quickly take action when issues arise.”

I think you’ll agree it was time we had a platform to offer predictive engagement alerts to email health problems before they cause business interruption, delivery problems or email outages.

You can learn more about the key features and functions in today’s news release.

At a high level, here are some new insights we now offer to ensure optimized email performance:

  • Real-time insights into deliverability and performance issues – based on the behavior of trillions of emails
  • Actionable delivery health alerts – identifying potential problems before they happen
  • Recommendations to optimize email engagement and performance
  • Industry email delivery performance benchmarks to gauge and improve against

The reason Signals stands up to its claim as “first and only” lies in the fact it is powered by a massive email data footprint, based on our company sending more than 37 percent of the world’s B2C and B2B email. In many ways, we see Signals crossing and combining categories – email delivery and email deliverability analytics – to provide stronger insights than products on either side.

Today, SparkPost Signals is available on our three platforms: SparkPost Cloud, plus PowerMTA and Momentum for on-premises email delivery.

Bringing “predictive” into the world of enterprise email, by unifying delivery, deliverability, and analytics is an important step forward in the data-driven future of email.

SparkPost Signals is our first phase in making email performance better and more predictive. I encourage you to check it out and, of course, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this major step forward for the company and the industry.

~ Amie