What’s new? 

We’ve added an account option – available now via API – that adds blank alt text to the open pixel at the top of emails, which track initial opens. This alt text is empty, so it looks like this in the code: alt=””

Why are we making this change? 

Including empty or “null” alt text on the open pixel of emails is a best practice for digital accessibility. This is important for email recipients who are using a screen reader to read their emails – the empty alt tag ensures that the HTML of the open pixel won’t be read out loud by screen readers.

Who’s impacted? 

SparkPost Cloud customers will now have an account-level setting available through the Account API which updates their open pixel to include alt text. This setting will be off by default, giving customers some control over when they begin using this open pixel with alt text.

Since this alt text is an accessibility best practice and we want all email recipients to have the best possible experience, the open pixel alt text will soon be the default standard for all emails. Learn more here about how to make your emails accessible.

What do I need to do? 

To take advantage of this improved functionality, use the attribute initial_open_include_alt_attribute in the Options object of the Account API. Set it to true to use the open pixel with alt=””. Make sure you’re also using the open pixel in the first place with initial_open_pixel_trackingset to true.


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