**Today’s blog is a partner post from our friends at Rebelmail. See how we’re handling exciting new developments in interactive email together.

Email isn’t the buzziest of marketing channels. It’s the old, reliable workhorse that produces consistently great results. While no marketer takes email for granted, they probably don’t expect major innovation in the channel either. And that’s why Google’s AMP announcement created such a stir.

Google’s announcement has been met with mixed reactions. Many marketers are intrigued by a new world of opportunity, while some prefer the simplicity of the inbox or lament the fragmentation of email clients with their own languages.

However you may feel about this particular announcement, at the end of the day it’s clear that actionable, interactive email experiences are the future of email. And we know because we’ve led the charge, partnering with some of the most innovative brands and marketers to bring these experiences to millions of inboxes around the world.

REBEL has worked with brands to power everything from interactive review forms to dating in email, and just about anything in between. Brands have successfully enabled their customers to search, to cart items, to give their preferences, and now even to make purchases, all without leaving their inboxes. By providing an amazing, frictionless, and better experience, we have elevated the customer experience. We work closely with SparkPost to ensure these interactive experiences are delivered at scale without a hitch directly to your customers inboxes.

How do we do this?

REBEL provides a scalable solution for both marketers and developers to create actionable email inbox experiences. Email is hard, and we take care of the nitty gritty, ensuring a great experience regardless of whether your customer opens your email on their iPhone or Gmail on their Windows laptop.

How does AMP play into this?

AMP is another tool in our arsenal. Email is sent in multiple parts – you are already familiar with text and HTML, and AMP is just another MIME type. We deliver amazing interactive experiences today across clients including Gmail, and this will evolve even further when AMP rolls out to Gmail.

How does this all work with SparkPost?

When Google gets ready for the release you will be able to deliver this new MIME type directly through SparkPost. When building a campaign in REBEL you’ll receive the new MIME type as part of the template generation process to be deployed through SparkPost as per usual.

Our goal at Rebel is to make it simple for you to build beautiful, effective interactive campaigns, across all email environments. Whether you are a marketer or a developer, we are excited to work with you to make the inbox a more exciting, engaging place to deliver your brand experience.


Manisha is an email and marketing technology enthusiast based in Brooklyn, NY. As VP of Success & Business Operations at REBEL, her team helps some of the biggest brands in the world achieve their goals by bringing interactive, actionable messaging to their customer’s inboxes.