Segmentation That Results in Better Email Sending

When thinking of segmentation relative to email, the first action that comes to mind is consolidating lists based on categories such as geography, industry or buying patterns. After all, segmenting is a way of breaking up your email lists to create campaigns that have a powerful impact. This is a smart way to segment, however there’s another critical factor to consider that will make you an even better sender — segmenting by engagement.

Segmentation Strategies Based on Engagement

What do we mean? As a sender, it’s critical to consider strategies that result in your emails reaching recipients. This means it’s imperative to have a good reputation with the ISPs, so your messages don’t end up in users’ junk or spam folders. One of the factors that contributes to a good sender reputation is engagement with your content. Therefore, sending emails to users that are highly engaged greatly improves inbox placement.

How We Define High Engagement

If you’re wondering how we define high engagement, we recommend a Smart Send strategy based on sending emails to users who have engaged with your content within the last six months. Utilizing this segmentation strategy is key to email deliverability.

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  • Why segmenting improves user engagement and inbox placement
  • How to segment with operational efficiency
  • Best practices of companies who effectively utilize email segmentation

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