How To Always Deliver What The Connected Consumer Is Searching For

connected consumer

All retail marketers want to sell more stuff. Whether you’re a brick and mortar making the switch to omnichannel or already a digital retailer, retail marketing has evolved and so has email. The connected consumer expects 1:1 personalized engagement at every digital touch-point (email, mobile, web), and batch-and-blast messaging just won’t cut it. So how do you give your customers the experience they expect, how do you get granular enough to target your customer on an individual basis and where do you even start?

As Steve Jobs used to say, “there must be a better way” and there is. For starters, you really need to rethink your process and how you do things. As a retailer, you can actually send fewer emails, sell more things and as a result, garner a higher ROI by just being more targeted (without using segmentation). Segmentation is what you do in batch and blast marketing emails. Building a framework that encapsulates event triggered messages to your customers is what gets you to that 1:1 personalization that customers crave today. The best part is, you don’t have to upload your purchase data to an ESP to get to this level of individual targeting.

Email pro, Tom Mairs, Lead Global Solutions Specialist at SparkPost, shares his first-hand experience of implementing email for retail innovators like Etsy, Tobi, Ebates, Groupon, and Pinterest. He offers up tips on what you need to look for in a modern email service, and real-world examples of what the most innovative retailers are doing with email today. He also goes through all of your objections on why you think you can’t do it and provides solutions on how to do it.

Watch the webinar replay today and learn:

  • How to deliver direct and relevant content your customers actually want
  • What you are missing with your current and outdated email platform
  • The importance of email as a ubiquitous, real-time channel


  • Tom Mairs, Lead Global Solutions Specialist, SparkPost
  • Adam Blair, Executive Editor, Retail TouchPoints

Watch the webinar replay.

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