“Can you just send an email?” It seems like bosses everywhere say this… and they mean no harm with that “ASAP” deadline, but we email marketers know that getting a professional email out the door requires a ton of behind-the-scenes work. Between content, design, dev, ops, approvals, testing, etc. etc. – just getting an email out the door is no small feat. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce our upcoming Send It School course, How to Make Email Production Easier with an Email Design System, taught by experts Elliot Ross and Paris Fisher! As co-founder of Taxi For Email, Elliot is passionate about pushing email design to provide the best experience possible for users. Similarly, Paris is a technical account manager at Taxi dedicated to helping customers improve their email production process, educating them on what an Email Design System is and how it can transform the way they create email.

Join us on 01 July, 2021 at 10am BST to learn:

  • How to evaluate if you need an Email Design System (EDS)
  • A step-by-step approach to creating your own EDS
  • Inspirational customer stories about their own success with an EDS

Just like our other Send It School courses, this live event will be structured as a class filled with actionable tips and tricks. (Email) Geeks rule our school, which means you shouldn’t be afraid to raise your hand and ask the Taxi team your geekiest email questions during the Q&A portion of this class.

So if your email production process could use some revamping, don’t miss this live course on Email Design Systems. Register now! And if you’re already convinced that you should be making beautiful emails in hours (not days), go ahead and get a demo of Taxi too! We’ve been in the email trenches, and we can help. 

~ Koertni

P.S. Time for this webinar doesn’t work for you? We’ll send the recording to all registrants after the event. Go ahead and register, so you can watch the course at your convenience later.