At SparkPost, one of our company objectives is to Make it Easy. Every time we develop something, a new product, an update or even guidelines, we have to come back to this objective. Did we make it easy? 

It’s a big ask and one that challenges us to find the best ways to tackle issues and deliver real value for our customers. 

Well, we’re happy to announce one of the first results – Engagement Tracking built right into PowerMTA. 

If you’re already excited and want to try it out, get in touch with us click the banner below!

Signals4OnPrem launched just over a year ago and PowerMTA and Momentum customers have found a ton of value in visualizing their data in new ways. Some customers use it heavily as a health check on their MTAs, while others monitor it more closely from a deliverability perspective. When we developed Signals initially, we wanted to be a valuable solution for all parts of your email and we’re trying to stay true to that today. 

Flash forward a few months and you have the release of the Ingest API. This API allows PowerMTA and Momentum users to forward additional data from their infrastructure to SparkPost for integration and analysis. This can be engagement data, custom message IDs, feedback information, and more. Now customers have a straightforward way to use SparkPost  Signals as their single source of truth and a one-stop shop for analytics. All it takes is some planning, a little research, and some engineering roadmap time…. 

Although we believe there is still value in the Ingest API, we also know that engineering roadmap time is where things get more difficult. All of a sudden complete evaluations take more time than they need to and involve more resources than we typically have available. Integrations take time. 

Did we make it easy? Well, not as easy as it could be. So, we made it better.

PowerMTA now has Engagement Tracking built in for use with Signals. 

Enabling Engagement Tracking inside of PowerMTA is as easy as adding these lines to your PowerMTA configuration file:

Last step:

  • Update your tracking domain in SparkPost and create a CNAME record with your DNS manager – check out this article for more details. 

We’re excited to provide this feature to our PowerMTA customers. Our hope is that this makes your integrations easier, faster, and that you can get more out of PowerMTA than ever before. Keep an eye out for more blog posts and other content around Engagement Tracking coming soon. 

~ Harold