Introducing the SparkPost Academy for Product Development Teams

The SparkPost team is passionate about helping product development teams build great apps with email. Our email API and delivery service is the most literal expression of that commitment, of course. But it comes in many other forms as well—whether it’s in-depth ebooks and guides, free tools for building and verifying email configs, the HEML responsive email markup language, or this very fine blog.

To that list, I’m really happy to share another resource: the SparkPost Academy. It’s a great way for product managers and development teams to build their skills and knowledge—and successful, growing apps and services. The SparkPost Academy is full of resources that will help you get up to speed and go deep on email technical best practices, user engagement, cloud development, and product growth skills.

Four Paths to Building Skills and Successful Products

Academy articles are focused on four core topic areas:

Email technical best practices: Delivering email to the inbox is surprisingly complex. Understanding technical best practices and standards will help you improve the effectiveness of your app’s email.

Email and user engagement strategies: User engagement is key to SaaS product growth. Learn how features such as email notifications convey essential information, drive app activity, and visits, and nurture user relationships.

Building and scaling cloud infrastructure: Building modern SaaS applications for the cloud is a complex journey that requires not only technical skills but also an understanding of their business impact.

Growth skills for product managers: Product managers have an outsized responsibility for the success of today’s SaaS apps. Developing a growth mindset is an essential part of every product team’s approach.

You’ll learn how to build better apps with email and discover the best practices product teams need to know to nurture user engagement with strong conversion, retention, and growth. It’s valuable information that’ll help you build a great SaaS product and your career.

I think you’ll find the first articles we’ve posted to be an easy way to begin a foundation for your growth. Even better? We’re just getting started with the SparkPost Academy, and we’ll continuously be adding new materials to each course as we go forward. Check it out and let us know what you think!