Today I am excited to share with you that SparkPost has entered an agreement to acquire eDataSource!

This milestone allows us to continue delivering on our promise to provide the best email sending and analytics platform for brands in the easiest and most efficient way possible.

The email market has been impacted by two conflicting scenarios: The increasing complexity of inbox strategies and an influx of marketers returning to email as the most efficient method for engaging their customers and opted-in prospects.

By combining SparkPost, the world’s largest sender, with eDataSource’s leading deliverability and analytics capabilities, we will enable our customers to successfully navigate the new email environment and enhance the distinguished portfolio of products and services we offer.

The new offerings planned for the next few quarters will enhance the transparency and efficacy of email sending without the growing friction between the sending layer and analytics layer that marketers seek.

I’m incredibly excited to welcome eDataSource to the SparkPost family. We share values with eDataSource, and their culture matches our own. Many joint customers will quickly benefit from the combination, and we will be bringing much more value to all customers in the near future. We are thrilled to bring these two organizations together.

You can read more about the acquisition here, and as you can imagine we’re excited to embark on this next chapter of our company. We look forward to hearing from you with your questions and suggestions on how we can best serve your email needs.

Rich Harris
CEO, SparkPost