This year’s International Women’s Day 2020 theme is: #EachforEqual in celebration of building an equal world. In the spirit of the theme, we asked both men and women to answer the question: As a woman or an ally, what do you do to champion women at SparkPost? The responses we received were very thoughtful and really underpinned the core statements of International Women’s Day: celebrate the achievements of women, raise awareness against bias, and take action for equality. In response to the question our Chief Product Officer, Charlie Reverte, said

“I work wherever I can to create opportunities for women through recruiting and talent development. I think leadership development is especially important, there is a gender gap in the tech workforce and we need to be active in helping to close it. Investing toward a diverse workplace is not only the right thing to do, it’s key to having a strong business.”

As a company, we try to incorporate these core statements into our everyday actions. Small steps by all employees can lead to big changes over time.

We also asked employees to speak about their female role models. The list of female role models covered a broad spectrum from women we admire from afar such as writers, celebrities, athletes, and national and international leaders to women who we know on a personal level like grandmothers, mothers, wives, daughters, colleagues and bosses. Employee’s responses were authentic and really captured the spirit of grit, compassion and balance. April Mullen, Director of Strategic Insights, said that her role model is a former colleague. April said,

My biggest female role model is a former colleague. She pushed me really far outside of my comfort zone and taught me to own my voice. I didn’t realize just how much I reduced my own worth until she pointed it out to me. In a short period of time, I grew immensely from her mentorship, guidance and the occasional hard words that I needed to hear. As my career grows, I’ll always champion for other women the way my mentor did for me.”

It is truly inspiring to read people’s personal experiences of how women have shaped or influenced their personal growth and perspective.

This International Women’s Day we are so excited to not only celebrate the women of SparkPost but also highlight the ways in which all of our employees, regardless of gender, strive towards a more equal workplace. We collected our employees responses in the deck below. Check out what they said and have a wonderful International Women’s Day!

SparkPost Celebrates International Women's Day 2020 from SparkPost