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As I started my internship I told myself to embrace everything and to fully immerse myself into the company culture. Email deliverability was a topic that I was not familiar with so I had no idea what to expect.  I was nervously excited for the adventure that I was about to encompass.

Ready for Day One

My first day at SparkPost I was thrown into the deep end and taught skills that I’ve almost taken for granted as the year has progressed. I arrived to San Francisco straight from college, so I was a clueless graduate looking to be inspired. Although, I had some marketing experience with startups I was not prepared for the amount I was going to learn.

Looking back, I feel for my mentors Jen and Tracy who had to teach me social media marketing from scratch. As with everything, practice makes perfect. I can’t sugar coat my role and say it is easy. I took a few months to really establish a voice suitable for our corporate social platforms. One of the best parts about social media marketing is that no two days are the same.  The more creative you are the better your work will be. You have the power to learn as much as you want. And until the very last day I was learning new ways to better my skills.

How can we help you grow?

There’s no short answer for this one. Being a part of an office culture in the first place was an eye-opening experience for me. While working for Jen, Digital Marketing Manager at SparkPost, she exposed me to all aspects of the organization by working across teams – support, creative services, engineering etc. This helped me to understand different work styles. And also gave me confidence as I got to know more people from all the offices.

At the beginning, it started with three on the team which has now grown to be a team of six. It has been interesting understanding different roles and dynamics. And how we can not only grow as a team but how individual effort really makes a difference. From working on Twitter and Facebook to coming up with social strategies for events; I feel my marketing experience has grown every day. I started to explore my interest for writing for the blog which I have really enjoyed.

Mid-week slump? Mix it up: Hot spots.

Our team has a great “work hard, play hard” ethos as well. Aside from all the daily work we put in to contribute to growth marketing, our Manager Tracy never fails to come up with innovative team building off sites. From cooking parties, or even fun-filled marketing events, we know how to wind down and log off.

spin internship

parties that cook internship

Extra! Read all about it!

In Mid-August we hit 10,000 followers on Twitter! This was a HUGE milestone and definitely one of the highlights of my year! It was a super exciting time for the marketing team so we decided to celebrate with appropriately colored t-shirts and cupcakes by SusieCakes. Leave it up to marketers to come up with any reason to throw a little party, celebrate and get a few photos for our social media platforms in the process 😉

10k followers internship

New Looks + New Arrivals

I also had the opportunity to interview and onboard my replacement, the new social media manager, Preeya. This was completely new to me and was a great experience being on the opposite end of the stick training someone. Similar to myself, Preeya shares the same enthusiasm to fully immerse herself into SparkPost culture. Stay tuned to read her intro blog!

Put these at the ‘top’ of your list

On arrival to SparkPost I became aware of the “Circle of Awesomeness” very soon into my orientation. This is not only the foundation of our culture, but you could say it sums up the personality of the company. There’s a few in particular that stood out to me throughout my time here and I would highlight them as important takeaways from my year.

I derive inspiration from working in a good community environment with great people. SparkPost more than fulfilled this.
In my eyes, the point of an internship is to learn from the people around you and grow to eventually move on and flourish in your career. This was possible because of all the empowering leaders in SparkPost that I had the opportunity to work with.

If someone were to ask me what the number one takeaway from my internship this year was, it has to be the extreme amount of respect I received from everyone I worked with and being treated like an equal at all times.

Planning your next adventure?

As I said from the beginning, my favorite quote from Steve Jobs “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.” This year has given me a clearer vision of my interests and how I’d like to move forward in my career. This is not something that materialized by itself, but a joint effort from the advice and mentoring I got along the way from every aspect of the organization. Saying goodbye to SparkPost goes hand in hand with saying goodbye to San Francisco so it’s not going to be an easy one!


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