300x250_EngagementEmail is every business’s bread and butter, whether they realize it or not. But for companies that aren’t that familiar with engagement and revenue costs of some of the low-performing email sending options out there on the market today, the benefits of upgrading to a new email delivery service may not be immediately apparent.

You may have seen in the press that we announced that SparkPost is out of beta and generally available to the public, but readers who aren’t already Message Systems customers and familiar with the engagement and performance benefits of sending on Momentum platform may be asking themselves: “Why SparkPost? And why should I upgrade now?”

Why SparkPost?

To start, SparkPost now offers our customers all the benefits of the Momentum platorm without requiring users to install and manage their own email systems. It is available in a self-service, pay-as-you-go version at SparkPost.com that offers quick API integration so you can be up and sending enterprise-grade email communications in no time.

For companies who are already sending significant email volumes, SparkPost Elite provides a dedicated platform instance with guaranteed high burst rates and a dedicated account manager who provides reviews and advice for improvements. In addition to 24×7 monitoring of your email service, we’ll manage the initial set-up and configure the service to meet your needs so there is no delay in getting you up and sending quickly.

Why now?

Putting off upgrading to the right email delivery service can be costly to your bottom line. Aside from the revenue benefits that come from increased engagement and deliverability, SparkPost can save you money in three ways:

  • by saving energy since you probably have idle servers and cloud computing uses less electricity.
  • by having zero capital costs and using that capital to invest in other areas of your business.
  • by allowing you to redeploy your valuable IT resources to areas that make your business more revenue.

Still not convinced? Hear what Justin Newton of Netki had to say:

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