Automatic seeding is now available in Salesforce’s Email Studio & Automation Studio to drive improved deliverability. 

The next phase of our partnership with Salesforce Marketing Cloud is here – and if you’re an email marketer with too much to do and not enough time, it’s going to be a game-changer. 

Automatic seeding enables marketers and deliverability specialists to efficiently gauge real-time email performance within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform, right where you’re already executing your email programs. The tightly integrated solution leverages deliverability, engagement, and conversion data to surface insights. Plus, you can leverage automation to improve campaign performance in real-time.

Following our announcement that SparkPost’s Inbox Tracker is fully integrated with Salesforce Journey Builder earlier this summer, it’s been great to collaborate once again to bring world-class email marketing technology to our customers. 

Stop losing revenue to the spam folder.

As the world’s largest email optimization platform sending nearly 40% of the world’s email, SparkPost is well acquainted with the common pains of an email marketer – and we’re determined to help you win in the inbox. 

If you’re typically swamped with driving engagement and demand for your brand, you’ll likely agree that manually seeding emails is the last thing you want to worry about. 

Check out some benefits of Inbox Tracker’s automatic seeding capabilities:

  • It’s fully integrated and unlimited, so campaigns sent through Email Studio and Automation Studio can be – you guessed it – automatically seeded. This helps give you an accurate and complete picture of email performance, without having to bounce between platforms.
  • You can easily leverage SparkPost’s AI-driven Intelliseeds™, which model real human behavior, to get a true understanding of how audiences engage with email content. Spotting problem areas and making adjustments to improve deliverability are easier, in turn improving the bottom line. You’ll have the ability to customize inbox placement tests according to campaign-specific needs, including geographies, seeding thresholds, and types of seeds to use. 
  • Accurately capturing campaign performance can be difficult, but Inbox Tracker provides a wide breadth of data. Our intelliseed network allows you to monitor key metrics on deliverability across 35 global ISPs. When intelliseed results are combined with our consumer panel data, you have a unique combination of data sources that can provide deliverability specialists with key data points to drive a successful email marketing program.

Automatic seeding brings better email results, without adding more to your plate. 

As the industry continues to see the value of strong email marketing solutions as part of the larger digital marketing stack, organizations are leveraging more apps that have the power to capture data and surface insights in a way that supports growth and boosts revenue. Automatic seeding is an added feature to SparkPost’s Inbox Tracker – available on Salesforce AppExchange – which is the only deliverability solution available directly within Salesforce Journey Builder, Email Studio and Automation Studio.

Salesforce Partner

We’re thrilled to bring another integrated deliverability analytics solution to Salesforce Marketing Cloud customers. We know the job of email marketers is production intensive, so we’re especially pleased to bring a solution that will help ease the operational burden a bit. As a result, getting better visibility into performance won’t come with an increase in workload.

For additional details about the SparkPost and Salesforce partnership, schedule a demo or find us on the AppExchange

~Steve McElroy, Senior Product Manager

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