Here at SparkPost, we are so lucky to bring on an awesome team of interns every summer! In honor of National Intern Day, which falls each year on July 25th, we decided to interview our amazing intern team about their experience at SparkPost so far:

Tell us about a project that you were able to work on and the role you played. 

Isaac Luther, Engineering: I worked on splitting two of our services off from each other. It was a great introduction to many of the services SparkPost uses since I had to set everything up for the new pipeline.

Matt Leifer, Engineering: I was able to work on a project to create a new testing and validation system. I implemented part of the system, helped test the system, and helped monitor the system once it was rolled out. Being a part of this project during several different stages was an excellent learning experience.

Joseph Borden, Legal: There are so many projects I could choose from, and all of my projects have
been rewarding! I wish I could share all of the work Jason has me doing, but there would be nothing to read by the time I finish redacting all of the confidential material. ?

What’s the coolest new thing you have learned while being at SparkPost?

IL: I’ve learned a lot about how different factors can affect productivity. My manager, Tim, has shared a lot of knowledge that he’s learned from books with our team, and it’s helped me understand the reasoning behind a lot of decisions.

ML: I have learned how to work with several AWS services. I did not have much experience with AWS before this summer, and now I am much more familiar with how to use and maintain the services that AWS provides. With how prevalent and widely discussed cloud computing is today, it really has been exciting to work with it on a regular basis.

JB: Working with Jason has been an invaluable learning experience thus far.  I have learned a plethora of new things, but the coolest has been learning exactly how legal suggestions/choices can positively impact a business.  For example, the use of a particular word or phrase in a contract can save a company thousands— perhaps millions— of dollars.  I knew lawyers could either anchor or sink a company; however, seeing the immediate impact of good lawyering first-hand has been a tremendous practical and learning experience.

What do you like about our culture?

IL: I loved how close together everybody on my team was! I think everybody eating lunches together—especially in the office on Tuesday and Thursday—helps make a great team and company environment.

ML: I really appreciate how willing everyone is to help other members of the SparkPost team. I always feel that I can receive help when I need it, and this has made me feel welcomed and comfortable.

Obviously, the office perks, such as the free lunches, are very enjoyable as well.

JB: I love that SparkPost is inclusive and diverse; it makes for a great, comfortable workspace and environment.  SparkPost’s culture is what attracted me to apply for this internship and was a huge selling point when I decided to accept this internship.  I am happy to say the culture is better than advertised.

Matt – as a returning intern – can you share more about your experience coming back?

ML: It has been a great experience coming back. Being able to start the summer in a familiar setting allowed me to start learning and working from day one. Also, working on projects that were not around last summer has provided me with many opportunities to learn about new technologies and ideas. Lastly, I really enjoy being around the same people as last summer and meeting new team members. Working with the helpful, friendly people of SparkPost every day makes me even happier with my choice to return this summer.

We also asked Isaac, Matt and Joseph’s respective managers to share their thoughts on our internship program as well:

Nate Durant, Technical Manager, Transmissions: Interns at SparkPost provide a opportunity for not just or interns, but also our engineers.  They bring unique insight and new academic approaches to our team when dealing with technologies like machine learning and quality assurance.  Our interns, both new and returning, have a tangible impact on our products and are by no means limited to internal projects. I always look forward to their time here, and appreciate all their hard work and enthusiasm.

Jason Soni, General Counsel: As valuable as my own internship experience was at SparkPost, I’ve come to value the program more even more as a manager.  While it’s certainly great to get some extra work done around the house and mentor the next generation of my profession, what I value most is that interns challenge “the way we’ve always done it” mentality and bring fresh new ideas to the company.  Interns are good at questioning processes and can often see a better way of doing things that a manager might not.

Happy National Intern Day! Interested in joining our amazing team? Check out our open positions!

~ Michelle