What does it mean to be a SparkPost Partner?

At SparkPost, we love our partners, and we are always open and willing to explore new partner relationships. Most often, our new partners are looking to provide our messaging infrastructure to their customers. Other partners prefer to refer their customers to SparkPost (with SparkPost paying the partner a commission, of course). And sometimes partners simply want to integrate their technology with SparkPost. In every case, we are always happy to hear from potential new partners!

Why SparkPost?

SparkPost is the world’s fastest-growing email delivery service. Our customers — including Pinterest, Twitter, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Zillow, and Comcast — send over 3 trillion messages a year, over 25% of the world’s non-spam email. The SparkPost service for sending API-driven transactional and marketing email (through partners) provides the industry-leading performance, deliverability, flexibility, and analytics our customers and partners need.

Partnering with SparkPost allows you to effectively re-brand our services, while building your business on top of the world’s most performant deliverability service – us.

SparkPost’s Infrastructure is Scalable

SparkPost is hosted on AWS, rather than building and scaling our own data center. SparkPost’s VP of Engineering, Chris McFadden, elaborates in more detail:

“Our #1 goal is to be the leader in cloud email infrastructure. We have no desire to be experts in data centers, much the same way our customers do not want to be experts in running email infrastructure at scale. When building out a data center, by definition, you can only solve the problems you’re facing at that point in time. It can be very difficult to make the adjustments you need as your business and technical needs change rapidly over subsequent years.”

By leveraging AWS, SparkPost offers unrivaled scalability, security and reliability. As a result, our partners are able to build and scale their own businesses without worry.

Current SparkPost Partners

Here at SparkPost, think of us as the infrastructure behind email. Since our inception, we’ve focused on providing the best email deliverability and infrastructure in the industry, and this is where we plan to stay. Unlike some other cloud email delivery providers, we do not offer email marketing campaign (aka “front-end”) capabilities. This is where our partners come in.

Our partner list is growing fast! Our Business Development team is dedicated to making all of our partners successful. We’re especially focusing on supporting our email marketing campaign partners, rather than competing with them.

Some current SparkPost partners include Iterable, Ongage, Cordial.io, and Blueshift. In addition, we have integrations and formalized partnerships with PaaS platforms like Heroku, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

A note on Iterable and SparkPost’s partnership, below:

“We have worked with many of the cloud email platforms on the market, and SparkPost is comprehensive and leading-edge,” said Justin Zhu, founder and CEO of Iterable. “Its performance is unmatched, it scales easily and provides the largest number of data points to power our customers’ growth marketing and user engagement campaigns.”

How to Become a SparkPost Partner

We’ve made becoming a SparkPost partner extremely easy, and we have a Business Development team dedicated to your success. So, let us know if you want to hear more about partnership opportunities. Once you provide your information and specific needs, someone from our team will reach out. It’s as simple as that!


Other questions on partnership opportunities? Leave us a comment or reach out on Twitter!

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