Today we are so excited to introduce SparkPost Signals, the world’s first data-powered predictive email intelligence platform. Signals has helped senders drive 4x higher engagement while sending 70% less email. At SparkPost we know that the future of email is data-driven. Using a predictive model powered by the world’s largest email data footprint, Signals alerts you when issues arise so that you can quickly find and fix email issues before they impact your business.

Signals measures the pulse of your email health using a machine learning model that monitors engagement and delivery data including opens, bounces, clicks, unsubscribes, complaints, plus dozens of other metrics. SparkPost has the world’s largest email data footprint from sending 37% of all B2C and B2B email. Signals leverages this data to predict future engagement and delivery issues, much like how your doctor monitors your heart rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol to understand your health and predict future problems. Medical advice must be individualized and email health management is no different. Instead of scoring your email health based on generic thresholds, Signals is able to look across our footprint of trillions of data points and give you tailored advice based on the historical activity of other senders that match your profile. Moreover, our team has back-tested against real-world historical performance and outages data to predict future performance and give you early warning of issues before they arise.

Powerful Insights for Supercharged Email Optimization

Signals brings you detailed metrics and an email Health Score, Spam Trap Monitoring and Engagement Recency reporting. Additionally, we’re excited to bring a new level of visibility with enhanced features, including:

Mailbox Provider Faceting

One of the first things our customers asked for when they saw the Health Score was a breakdown by who they were sending to. We’ve heard this loud and clear and are happy to report that this is now available! With Signals you can slice your Engagement Insights and Health Score by this new filter. You can examine all major mailbox provider families, including Gmail, Verizon Media, and Microsoft. You can also see regional breakdowns to help you understand regional differences.

Health Score Alerts

With Health Score alerts you can get updates in your inbox about changes to your Health Score so you can jump in and correct issues before they cause major outages. You can watch for changes in your Sending Health to Gmail, the Health of a specific IP Pool, and any of the other filters Signals provides. Watch for drops below dangerous levels, or shifts day to day, or week to week to alerts for any concerns that require your attention. With this feature, we are also including support for our alerts about monthly sending limits so you can keep an eye out on your total volume. We are excited about this first release with plenty more in the works to help you monitor your sending.

Engagement Insights

Understanding who you’re targeting is one of the first steps to evaluating the health of an email program. Engagement Insights gives you that view into your sending. We decided to take it a step further – now you can start to understand not only your engagement cohorts, but also how each cohort is behaving, including their engagement, unsubscribe, and spam complaint rate. With this view into your recipients, you can see how successful your mail is at re-engaging churned subscribers, analyze which cohorts drive your complaints, and peek into whether your mailing frequency is leading to unsubscribes.

Improved User Experience

With our custom date ranges in Signals, you can dive into historical sending with the same directed experience as if you had sent the emails yesterday. We’ve also put a focus on helping you understand your Health Score with grading lines on each chart and an overall account Health Score to help you see how your total health score is trending over time.

Health Score V2 (Coming Soon)

Our next iteration of the Health Score doubles down on the fact that at the end of the day, what matters most is your engagement. Not only is it a major factor in your sender reputation at most major ISPs, but it also drives the ROI of your email program.

With our new health score model, we’ve added a wider set of features to our model for 50% greater accuracy.

We’ll be rolling this update out over the next two months, along with better recommendations and clearer insights to help you understand the unhealthy areas of your sending.

Available on All SparkPost Platforms

Signals is now available on SparkPost Cloud, and to customers using our Momentum and PowerMTA on-premises email delivery platforms. On-premises users can take full advantage of Signals’ detailed analytics without costly and time-consuming overhaul of existing email infrastructures.

SparkPost Signals gives us a holistic view of our campaigns across all our brands. Visibility into our deliverability health score means we don’t miss critical changes in performance and can quickly take action when issues arise.

– Justin Farris, Dir. Product Management

With Signals, you don’t have to leave email optimization up to hunches or trying to extrapolate data from third-party add-on tools. Signals is powered by real-time engagement data from your email sending to provide you with actionable insights to predict and optimize email performance to drive inbox opens and clicks.

Simplify email performance management.
Maximize performance with data-driven insights.
Accelerate email optimization to predict and mitigate risks. Get email delivered to the inbox on time, every time.

Schedule a demo with a SparkPost Signals expert and start digging into your email health score to get optimizing and boosting your engagement and ROI.

Happy Sending!

~ Avi