To the SparkPost Community,

It’s clear there is a need for social change. At SparkPost, we believe that positive change starts by speaking up – not remaining silent, and carefully listening and learning from each other.

Here at SparkPost, we are asking ourselves what we can do to better advocate for fairness and equality with a lasting, positive impact, starting by looking at our own values. One of our core values is transparency. We encourage our employees to exchange with and challenge each other, no matter their level within our organization. Transparency is essential in ensuring that our employees can be vulnerable and honest without penalty. We empower our employees to speak up, something we especially value during difficult moments like this. We call this courageous authenticity, and we must carefully listen and learn from each other in order to encourage this behavior. When people speak up and are heard, we construct bridges of understanding and empathy regardless of power structures. These bridges form a foundation of understanding, and allow us to craft solutions to eliminate racism, discrimination and inequality. 

The easy path is to simply maintain the status quo. Instead, we continue to think about how we can bring about change from the inside out. We are reassessing our current programs to ensure we have a fair and equal playing field and do more to promote diversity. Our goal is to continue to weave diversity, fairness, and equality into the fabric of our organization. 

  • We will set forth objectives and key results on this topic and start to measure and report our progress to our employees.
  • We will continue to ensure racial and gender diversity in our leadership program — an initiative we started last year to train our future SparkPost leaders. 
  • We will continue to put forth effort to improve our recruiting pipeline and increase the flow of qualified diverse candidates. 
  • Our messaging policy has and always will prohibit our sending platform from being used for harassment, hateful, or racist messaging. 
  • Words have power, so we are doing an audit of industry-standard terminology that we’ve used. As an example, we are changing the terms “whitelist/blacklist” to “allowlist/blocklist” in our platforms. 

We can certainly do more, and we will.

Please join us as we reflect on how we can support the continued fight against racism, and promote fairness and equality in the U.S. and across the world, both within our organization and in our own communities. By speaking up, listening and learning, we can make great strides towards positive change

~ Rich