When talking about the employee experience, most people think of the lifecycle from recruitment to onboarding all the way through an employee’s departure. That’s all fine and good, but in reality, the relationship doesn’t stop there.

Alumni employees have the power to be ambassadors for your organization. They can speak to your culture and share insights into opportunities for learning and growth. They have firsthand experience about what it’s like to work for your organization, and that means they can provide a very accurate picture for people in their network.

When you nurture the relationship with your alumni employees and they recall their experience a positive light, they are more likely to recommend you to their friends as an employer of choice.  Even better, they may have enjoyed their time with you so much that they would consider coming back! Enter: the “boomerang employee”.

The great thing about boomerang employees is that they already know what it’s like to work for your organization and the experience was likely a positive one the first time around. The separation, however long, can allow the boomerang a chance to try new things. And, when they come back they will bring with them new knowledge and skills as well as experiences that can most likely only benefit your organization. Even better, they will come back to old friends, familiar processes, and can more quickly jump back into the day-to-day.

Here at SparkPost, we have had quite a few boomerang employees throughout the years.  Sharing their experiences are Kristen Breidenbach (Sr. Manager of BizOps), Tracey Crawford (Lead Deliverability Analyst), and Brian Kemper (Sr. Software Engineer).

Tell us what about SparkPost’s culture that drew you back.

KB: My mentor, Carol Sullivan, brought me back to SparkPost. I realized that I was not done learning from her extensive experience in Sales Operations, and there was still a lot of room for me to grow professionally at SparkPost. I also liked the flexibility with work/life balance at SparkPost and really enjoy all the people I work with in the SF office.

TC: I have always liked SparkPost, even when I wasn’t working here. I like the open environment, food perks, work from home policy, and relaxed atmosphere.  Everyone is willing to help each other out and the overall vibe is positive.

BK: The entrepreneurial spirit at SparkPost is energizing.  Every day is exciting. We are here to win.

What is the best part about being a boomerang employee?

KB: Being gone only about 8 months, I don’t really feel like I ever left. I suppose the best part is that I got experience somewhere else that I can now apply here regarding tools and sales process.

TC: For me, the best part of being a boomerang employee is coming back to the coworkers that I once worked with. From day one, I received warm welcomes from everyone (even flowers on my desk) and was able to reconnect with old friends.

BK: Perspective.  I know what SparkPost has to offer.  I know what other companies have to offer.  It was an easy decision to come back.

What is your biggest accomplishment/most exciting project you have had or hope to have the opportunity to contribute to?

KB: My biggest project and goal is to enable our Sales team to be as successful as possible by providing them with the most effective tools and processes as well as accountability reporting.

TC: I have always loved deliverability, so I hope my addition to the deliverability team will be impactful. I would also like to be more active in M3AAWG and post blogs on the SparkPost website.

BK: Rebuilding of our web application with ReactJS was very exciting, but pales in comparison to the features and products we have/are built/building.  (e.g. Snippets, Signals, support for AMP, etc.)

We’re so grateful to have our returning employees joining us once again!  They are making huge strides in moving our company forward. If you have worked for us in the past or would love to see what all the fuss is about, check out our Current Openings!

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~ Christina