State of Email 2017

In our upcoming webinar, Your Role in the State of Email 2017, SparkPost’s VP of Deliverability, Kate Nowrouzi, and 250ok’s founder and CEO, Greg Kraios, discuss the importance of having a solid understanding of your role as an email marketer, and how the 3rd party vendors can help bridge the gap between ISPs and ESPs.

Senders can benefit from customizing their MTA traffic shaping configurations based on ISPs acceptance policies and make sure the proper authentications are in place to prevent phishing. But deliverability is equal part science and art.

Senders are finally beginning to embrace a core business value – happy users are a good thing. The key to a happy user is sending the right content, at the right time to the right person. They may think as long as their subscribers are not reporting spam, their IP/ domain reputation is safe. But what some marketers may not take into consideration is permission and the risk of hitting spam traps by sending to a purchased list. Major ISPs have their own internal trap database. Some take Spamhaus listings into consideration for blocking and inbox placement. Permission is a major factor in email marketing. It’s also illegal to send email without confirmed opt-in if you are sending to users outside the U.S. to places such as Canada or Germany.

Where SparkPost and 250ok excel above all others, is in collecting these sources of information and aggregating them for you. During the webinar, our speakers share helpful tips to guide you in understanding what you can and can’t see from the sending side. The opportunity for a good partnership boils down to providing visibility into the pieces of the email ecosystem that you don’t see. And together, when you combine all the data points, they represent a story. The data is either working together in concert or conflict, and it is your responsibility to know why.

So, register for The State of Email 2017 webinar and leave with these key takeaways:

  • Dispel common bad practices often used by email marketers.
  • Boost ROI by using the best path of deliverability and engagement.
  • Bridge the gap between mailbox providers, marketers, and email service providers.

~ Kate Nowrouzi

Kate is the Vice President of Global Email Deliverability at SparkPost. She manages Deliverability and Compliance team and helps SparkPost Cloud customers achieve a high inbox rate through following email marketing best practices. A recognized authority on email deliverability and anti-spam practices, Kate worked for many years on the anti-abuse team at AOL and was also a network engineer at the pioneering ISP, UUNET/ Verizon. Kate currently serves as the co-chair for MAAWG’s Complaint Feedback Loop Committee, and she continues to be an active voice in the worldwide messaging community.

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