Similar to the auto industry where iconic cars such as the Corvette, Supra, and Bronco get completely redesigned, we are refreshing our own iconic feature, the very popular: templates!

But why templates? 

Templates are critical for so many of our senders on SparkPost. Templates store, edit and reuse email content. SparkPost’s Template Language recognizes powerful customization and personalization opportunities. 

Rather than (sending inline content), save time by leveraging content you’ve already created. 

While the underlying API and templating language remain intact and untouched, we’ve completely changed the in-app experience, with an intuitive user experience that is more responsive and simpler to use. In other words, everything under the hood stays the same, but the exterior has been reworked to give you an enjoyable, template building and managing experience. We’ve heard friction points, and streamlined the template creation process to get you sending emails a whole lot faster! 

We want to create a seamless and great experience for you, and get you sending emails a whole lot faster!

So what’s so different? What can I expect to see? 

There are a number of changes to the entire template experience in the SparkPost app. Let’s dive into them one by one!

Revised Template List Management

On the Template List page, you’ll find small changes that make a big impact; find, search, access, duplicate, and delete templates quickly. Most notable is the new Recent Activity section, which allows you to quickly jump into the last four templates you edited in draft mode or published. Also, you can now duplicate or delete templates directly from the Template List page, saving you time while managing your growing list of templates!

Intuitive Template Creation Process Flow

Get started faster with templates with a shorter process to create a template. Simply name your template (the template ID is automatically created as you type in the template name!), provide a subject line, and lastly the email address you’d like to send from. That’s it! Those are the only required fields that are between you and taking off onto the highway. Click on the Next button, and you’ll be taken directly to the template where you can begin developing your content immediately! 

Side-by-Side Code Editor

Our new code editor is a huge step forward for us! Watch your email content render live on the right-hand side as you create your HTML, AMP HTML, and text content. The subject line and From email address are rendered in the preview, as you’d see the email in the Inbox. You’ll also find we added a Mobile Preview option for your content.

Under Template Settings, you can adjust a variety of fields pertaining to the template, as well as adjust Open and Click Tracking at the template level.

AMP for Email Boilerplate 

Right now, there’s a bunch of excitement around AMP for Email. It’s easy to get started with testing with your own AMP email with our new template editor. On the AMP HTML tab, you can easily insert an AMP Boilerplate to get started faster with a basic template. As you start to edit your AMP email content, you’ll find we added an inline AMPHTML linter that provides feedback on potential issues or alternatives and ultimately ensures you’re not making any mistakes that would prevent your AMP content from rendering properly. 

Just like on the HTML tab, as you build your AMP email components, the live preview on the right-hand side will render in real-time, giving you a good sense of what to expect in the inbox! Honestly, who doesn’t want kittens in their inbox, right?!

Intuitive Test Send

Sending a test message is no longer hidden behind the Preview Page! You can easily send a test as you build your email content, directly from the side-by-side code editor page. Just enter in the recipient email address and send off your test message to the desired inbox. 

How can I get started with these new Template features?

Navigate to your SparkPost dashboard and under Content, you’ll find Templates. If you have any questions about our SparkPost templating language, check out our support page

The template refresh was built and completed with you in mind, to make your experience with sending emails an easier and more delightful experience. If you were already creating templates on SparkPost, they have all been transferred over to the new format, and you can easily manage those templates with the new Template List management page. No templates or data lost, just efficiencies gained and precious time in your workday given back!

Go explore our new stored Templates and if you have any feedback, reach me on Twitter or on LinkedIn at anytime!

– Isaac, Technical Product Manager

?Shoutout to Nick Lemmon, Brian Kemper, Lynn Murphy, Aubrey Altmann, Nathan Durant, the entire Transmissions Team, and to all the Product, Engineering, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success teams whose feedback for templates was invaluable in making our product and service better.