Support case creation is now handled within the SparkPost UI and we are deprecating older webforms and email as a means of contacting us.

Within the Customer Success team here at SparkPost, we work hard to ensure all our customers have the very best support experience. That said, I wanted to let you know of a few impending support updates and changes to how you contact and work with our support and compliance teams when you have queries or issues with the SparkPost service.

These support updates are designed to:

  • Simplify the support experience.
  • Make it easier to know which account you are referring to (for those who have SparkPost accounts in the both the USA and Europe).
  • Provide you with an even speedier response when you have a problem.

All you need to do is log in to your SparkPost Account – SparkPost EU users should use this link.

The Details

1. In-App case creation. After some time beta testing our in-app case creation tool, we are ready for prime time! The new tool is also getting a new location and moving from the question mark in the bottom right hand corner of the screen to its new home under the account menu (top right).

Moving forward, those with paid and new developer accounts (who receive 30 days start up support) are able to raise cases through the UI. Those interested in upgrading their accounts to a new paid plan to gain access to support can do so here (or here for EU users).

If you need to raise a case immediately, either login to your account or use these links: SparkPost or SparkPost EU.

Raising a case

Click on the account menu (your email address in the top right hand corner, select ‘Get Help’, this will display access to our support docs allowing you to search for answers and also allow you to raise a case by selecting the ‘Submit a Ticket’ tab. You can also find a guide to raising a new case here. This new way of contacting customer success also allows you to talk to our compliance team about issues relating to sending domains, suspensions and best practices. You’re also able to provide feedback on our services with the in-app tool.

2. New case management platform. As our service has evolved, so have our needs for a support platform. As of June 18th, we are transitioning to a new platform – while this is mostly seamless for our customers, those with any unresolved cases will receive an email update as the open cases are transferred to the new platform. A simple reply to that email notice will ensure that all your new comments move with the case to the new platform.

3. Webform deprecation. With the new In-App functionality in place, our trusty webform will be deprecated on Friday 8th June, you will find a link to log in and raise a case on the old page.

4. Email case creation deprecation. Starting Wednesday, June 13th, we will no longer accept new support requests through our existing support email address, Customers will need to use the In-App case creation tool for all support requests.

If you have any feedback on these support updates or the SparkPost service, please feel free to send us feedback via the new Feedback option in the In-App case tool.

Happy Sending!

VP, Global Customer Success

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