On April 26th, SparkPost participated in the National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. We invited 5-13 year olds into our Columbia, MD and San Francisco, CA offices. With about 185 employees, we opted to try and find a way for all of our employees to have the opportunity to share the SparkPost experience with their children. With a quarter of our workforce working remotely across the globe, we sent kits to remote employee’s homes so their kids could participate in the fun as well.

Our day was a mix of fun and educational experiences. We wanted the kids to get a sense of our culture, not just what we do.

The kids were able to spend some time with their parents and interview them about their roles at SparkPost before gathering together. Having the opportunity to meet our Founder & CTO, George, was a highlight. He even shared with the kids that he wanted to be a pilot when he grew up. He talked through our Circle of Awesomeness with the kids and how these values are so important in our culture. Many of the kids recognized these same values as values they follow at school.

Our CEO, Phillip, engaged the kids in a discussion about business and what we do at SparkPost – likening what we do to the FedEx delivery truck delivering packages to the right place, always being reliable and on time.

After meeting some of our leaders, the kids got to learn about us by going on a scavenger hunt around our Maryland office. Some of the favorites included finding the 13 flags representing the 13 native countries of our Customer Service Team, checking out the US and World map to see where our employees are located, answering Disney trivia from our daily trivia wall and best of all guessing how many Legos it took to make our life size Lego flame!

There was plenty of time to get hands on coding experience with our engineers, Jess Martin and the Applications Team. Our Marketing team prepared some great activities too. Kids got to create their own ‘Sparky’ flame and learn about A Day in the Life of an Email. Finally, the kids got a chance to give back to their community. No matter the coast, we all share the desire to help in our community and we wanted the kids to experience that themselves. In Maryland, the kids painted kindness rocks and made cards for the Casey Cares Foundation and our SF friends made cards for the Oakland Children’s Hospital.

The day at SparkPost wouldn’t be complete without our little SparkPosters getting to share lunch with their parents and an afternoon treat!

The kids learned a lot, but what was really cool, was hearing one of our engineers say how much they got to know their coworker by seeing them interact with their kids. Sharing what we do at work is so much more than checking a box that we hosted a Take Your Kids to Work Day event. Kids got to experience our culture, see that people work hard, and that there’s always room for laughter and fun in the workplace. We’re already looking forward to next year’s event!


PS: We’re hiring 🙂