Entertainment sites and showbiz blogs nowadays provide episode recaps of popular TV shows soon after they air. Reading these recaps allow you to catch up on the main plot lines of episodes you might have missed but have no time for watching, as the next newer episode is already about to air. While over a hundred attendees were fortunate enough to attend Interact 2013 in San Diego a couple of weeks ago, many were not able to go. So for those of you who missed that “episode”, we present the recap of Interact 2013’s Welcome Keynote!

Episode Aired: Oct 8, 2013             Setting: Paradise Point Resort and Spa

Tuesday morning in San Diego dawned bright and sunny. After the fun poolside cocktail reception the night before, a few might have staggered into the opening keynote session in recovery mode; but all were eager to get Interact 2013 off and running.

George kicked off the session welcoming all attendees and giving an overview of what was in store for the next couple of days: what to expect from the tracks, the content and speakers, the ISP panel, the tech lounge, and the various social and networking opportunities for attendees.

George Interact keynote

Scene 1 – Proliferation of Networks & Device Explosion

Steve took the stage to cover the future of digital messaging, talking about four forces that are shaping this future. First was the proliferation of so many different networks. When sending a message, the sender has to deal with all the different networks today: from ISPs, to carrier/telcos, to mobile push networks like APNS and GCN (Apple and Google). And on the horizon are even more networks like the OTT (over the top) apps that include Whatsapp and Samsung ch@t, Google voice, social networks, and mobile IM. The second force to consider was device explosion: we all know the enormous variety of devices out there, from smartphones, to tablets and e-readers, to smart TVs and wearable devices.

device preferences throughout the day

Scene 2: Increasing Engagement Volumes Through Cross-Channel

The third force shaping digital messaging is the incredible volume of messages being sent – and the rapid growth rate. Some stats mentioned include 7 trillion emails, 2 trillion push notifications to APNS alone, and system generated messages overtaking the number of person-to-person messages in 2014. Lastly, cross-channel is here today: In a recent survey, 39% of respondents cross-channel shopped for credit card, 50% of mortgages closed through cross-channels. But siloed systems to support these cross channel interactions mean longer development cycles, higher cost of maintenance, slower adoption, and loss of customers to competitors who offer a better experience.

These four forces shaping digital messaging today and into the future translate to incredible complexity for companies trying to engage with their customers digitally.

Steve Interact Keynote

Scene 3: The Roadmap For The Future

Next up was Alec, who highlighted what Message Systems is doing today and in the product roadmap to help alleviate companies’ pains in dealing with all these complexities. He first showed the architecture of the Message Systems Digital Messaging Platform, then talked about how we’ve improved the platform’s architecture to take advantage of multi-core systems, to improve performance dramatically, while at the same time reducing latency and hardware requirements.

Alec Interact Keynote

Finally, Dain took over to talk about digital messaging on a global scale: how our international footprint is helping shape the future direction of our offerings to our clients. He cited an example, saying that the Message Systems code written to support DMARC was inspired by the global user community. He also noted that service providers worldwide are looking to see how they can leverage and provide value-added services to their customers – specifically in mobile.

And with that, Dain again thanked attendees for coming and closed the keynote session.

Dain Interact Keynote

Roll end credits:

George = George Schlossnagle, CEO, Message Systems
Steve = Steve Dille, SVP of Marketing, Message Systems
Alec = Alec Peterson, CTO, Message Systems
Dain = Dain McCracken, SVP of International Sales, Message Systems

Get ready for a world that’s shaped by the four forces in digital messaging – watch the cross-channel banking webinar!

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